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MB's Favorite Things - Anything 80's - Beauty

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Stuck in the 70's

OK, I haven't moved yet so I will amuse myself with reminising about my younger years and avoid packing the last remains of my home.

Technically I am a 60's child - barely.... Born right before man stepped on the moon AND the '69 Woodstock Music and Art Fair. My childhood and teen memories are from the 70's and 80's. It is so great to see the 80's influencing current fashion trends but in a more subtle way. Of course I can't wear half that stuff now...Unless I wanted to intentionally embarrass my kids..

Some of my favorite BEAUTY things from the 70's/80's:
Dial-a-lash Mascara: YOU picked the length. YOU picked the volume. Go a little or go a lot! You can view an old commercial HERE on retrojunk.

Maybelline Roll-on Lipgloss. Now I cannot find a picture of these ANYWHERE on the web. A few threads about it but no pictures. I had EVERY single flavor imaginable - cherry, mint, strawberry, etc. The watery gloss was contained in a glass tube and topped with a roll on - irresistible to young teen. Also tasted sugary sweet. When you stuck it in your back pocket and it leaked all over the next time you tried to open it up. Of course that never prevented any of us from doing the same thing all over again

Another lip gloss fav was the "lipgloss in tin". The top slid off and you dipped your finger inside to scoop up a bit a gloss. Elf sells a new but vintage inspired version called "Candy Shop Lip Tins" HERE.

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific
. Shampoo and conditioner. Yes for those of you too young to remember, this is what it was called. It was supposed to, well....., supposed to make your hair smell Terrific. The commercials were the selling point. Such a iconic reference to the 70's / 80's, info can even be found on Wikipedia.

Loves Baby Soft - Who could resist the delicate pink and white theme, baby powder scent and advertisements that were in every teen magazine published? I HAD to have this. So did every other girl. You can buy it still today. Click HERE!

Of couse I witnessed the tranistion of the ironed-out straight, hippie hair to the "Big Hair" and numerous big hair products that embodied the 80's. Gel, mousse, spray. Had to give that hair lift, volume and a crunchy texture. Take a peek HERE!

Next I may tackle the best of 70's / 80's fashion

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