Thursday, August 07, 2008

the waiting game

We still have not moved. Closing was supposed to be last Friday. Then today. Now it is supposed to be next Monday or Tuesday. Or September. Or Christmas. Or 2010.

We are trying to rent our new home. The truck with all of our furniture in it is due back tomorrow. At this point we are only waiting 4 - 5 more days but it seems like an eternity. Can't wait until this is all over with!

Thoughts, good vibes and well wishes very welcome!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck on the move. I hate moving!

and on a different note...

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Laura of Laura Williams' Musings

Sue said...

Good luck with you move & with selling/renting your house. I live in South Carolina & the housing market s a little slow but not as bad as it is for some of my family in MI.

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