Monday, September 08, 2008

My weekend project with the girls

This weekend I was feeling pretty industrious. My two little ones and I worked on creating customized bulletin boards for their new rooms. I recently bought some throw pillows for their beds so pulled the colors from those - For Miss N, a turquoise blue and for Miss E. a lime green.  It was a little messy (especially Miss E's work area) but fun!


Bulletin Boards
Craft Paint
Stick on rhinestones
Small heart shaped charms
"Love" stamped charms - large
small wood squares
18 inch chain (approx)

- We used glossy craft paint for the trim, squares and large letter initials
- We used metallic craft paint for one (turquoise) and standard matte paint for the other (green)

- We embellished the letters and squares with rhinestones and charms, which were glued on with a hot glue gun)\.  The squares were "dangled" from a chain which was also glued on.
- To finish I dove into my craft bag and created floral buttons from precut foam, buttons and beads

For my oldest daughter I also did a black and blue "Rock and Roll" themed board with chains, a painted guitar and graffiti

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