Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blogg'n and Baking

Royal Baking Powder Digital ID: 1259260. New York Public Library

I love Sundays. Today Miss E. and I cooked and baked all morning. I forgot to buy frozen waffles at the grocery so first on our agenda was waffles. Out came the waffle maker! Miss E. helped me mix buttermilk waffles that turned out fabulous. By the time we started the cinnamon raisin waffles she ran out of steam. Between intervals of sponge bob and commercials I received a sporadic bouts of "help". We finished and ate only one - the rest were bagged up and placed in the freezer.

Next on the agenda was Pot Roast in the slow cooker - no help there. Miss E. likes baking but cooking does not suit her. When I finished peeling the last potato I announced that it was time to start on the Pumpkin Bread. She helped me dump everything into the my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer and into the baking pans.

Last on my list was Chili - again in the slow cooker. I browned what I thought was beef but realized it was ground sausage. I dumped corn, tomatoes, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, black beans, chili powder, fresh cut onion, a smidgen of garlic salt and chipotle seasoning to my other slow cooker. I am hoping this turns out OK - it is for my husband to take to work to thank all of his friends for helping us move a couple of months ago. I will also throw in a loaf of pumpkin bread for him to take and share with his co-workers.

Now I am catching up on my blog giveaways, emails, etc. Miss N. is sleeping over a friends and I am just waiting for her to come home. Miss C. (my teen) is hiding in her room as normal and hating that tomorrow is Monday....

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