Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miss E. and the Family Turkey Project

A 1st grade tradition is the family turkey project. The child comes home with a turkey printed on two 8 x10 sheets of paper (one half the top and the other half the bottom of the turkey). The papers are glued or taped together to complete the bird and each member of the family helps adorn, decorate and complete it. The result is a piece of art to be displayed for all to see in the classroom.

Miss C. had her project 7 years ago and Miss N. toted her turkey home last year. The family turkey project is truly a family affair. Miss C. and Miss N. LOVED working on the turkey together - we colored, glued, glittered, feathered and beaded the turkey - each one of us contributing. Miss E. on the other hand did not understand that this is a collaborative effort. She is mildly OCD (like her mom) being very structured, regimented and needing to be in control at all times.

The project was due today and the only thing completed was that Miss E. had colored the turkey in. When she was at gymnastics last evening, I took the liberty of gluing beads on the turkey. It was half completed and I needed to start dinner so I left the rest for later.

When Miss E. arrived home and saw what I had done to "her turkey" she had a total meltdown. It was HER turkey and it was NOT supposed to have beads on it. The turkey looked stupid. The beads were the wrong color. The beads were in the wrong place. I used the wrong beads. This went on all through dinner. Only after Miss C. and Miss N. told her it was the most beautiful turkey EVER, "even better than theirs!", did she relent. By then Dad, Miss C. and Miss N. had put forth all of their energy into explaining the turkey project process and had no desire to decorate. This ultimately was more of a "Mom and Me" project. The only contribution from her dad and sisters were their efforts towards selling Miss E. on the idea of the family project.

Miss E. and I resumed the project, dumping glue, buttons and beads onto that darn turkey until it weighted at least a pound. A sparkly, glittery pound, but a pound nonetheless. Seriously, it was so heavy that she needed to take it on a clipboard to school and I am not sure how the teacher managed to get it hung up on the wall....

After all the DRAMA we had a fairy tale ending. This morning Miss E. carefully put her name on her turkey before hauling it off to school with a proud smile on her face.

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