Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss N!

8 years (and 1 day) ago I welcomed a darling, tiny baby girl into the world. She remained tiny but feisty and my dad coined the term "small but mighty". My petite Missy is intelligent, introspective and private. She can be predictable with some things but with others we are left scratching our heads.

We had a quiet, pleasant birthday celebration at home yesterday. We did not buy a cake in advance and for some reason my husband convinced me not to bake one. (Hey, my cakes are GOOD!). All of us settled for ice cream and cookies.

Today we celebrated by going to the mall and spending some of our gift cards. Miss N. spent $40 on Webkins and an eye mask. Ah, to be 8.... I am much more frugal and am looking for sale stickers that say at least 70% off.

When I was visiting my friend in the midwest, My DH took the girlies out to dinner at their favorite place, Red Robin. He took this picture from his camera phone.

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