Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cleaning up - never exciting but certainly relieving

Cleaning up after the holidays. Never exciting but always relieving. And a little bittersweet as you realize another holiday has come and gone.

This year I was on top of cleaning up after the holidays - the tree and all the decor were down 3 days after Christmas. Typically I end up doing all the dismantling and packing myself and my husband simply has to put the boxes away. This year he was the one taking the initiative which was a pleasant surprise. I was shocked at how much more quickly it went with him helping. I think this is the start of a new annual tradition.

One thing that is a HUGE help is in our new home we have plenty of storage. In our old home we would have to lug the x-mas decorations up to the crawl space attic - not fun. The boxes used to sit in our hallway until my husband got tired of hearing me nag to put them up in the attic. This year we simply boxed everything up and placed in the storage room off of our closet.

Packing is pretty simple.

- Large Rubbermaid container contains all ornaments. Our collection has grown through the years - each year less silver and gold balls decorate our trees and are replaced with school-made ornaments. I get sentimental each year looking at these and reminiscing.

- Holiday home decor are stored in large cardboard boxes - this includes knick knacks and centerpieces

- Lights go in another large Rubber maid container.

Everything stays in storage until late November when they are pulled out again.

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