Saturday, January 10, 2009

what's goin on...

Hi everyone, It has been a while since I have made an entry.

The holidays were very hectic - My college roommates and I went to go see our friend Susan in Ohio to support her in her fight against cancer. Susan has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and is currently undergoing chemo and radiation. Susan is one of the greatest people I know - she is a beautiful, caring, fun-loving, care-free, spiritual and genuinely nice person. Everyone loves Susan. This is devastating to her family and her friends but we are remaining hopeful for the best. I will be running a special event in a couple months in honor of Susan and other victims of brain tumors so keep an eye out.

When I returned late the Monday before x-mas I was supposed to have worked Tuesday and Wednesday. My parents came in to celebrate the holidays on Tuesday night and I called out for Wednesday. The trip had physically and mentally drained me plus I had to prepare for Christmas. I made arrangements go into work the week following to make up what I needed to get done but checked my email and messages throughout the day.

My parents, husband kids and I had a nice, quiet Christmas at home and they left on Saturday morning. Monday morning following week my in-laws flew in to celebrate New Years with us and see our new home. I did have to go into work Tuesday but otherwise had off the rest of the week.

I returned to work Monday this week full-time but came down with a cold. I had so much to do at work so calling out was not an option! I normally work from home on Mondays - I did go into the office on Tuesday but on Wednesday and Thursday decided to spare my co-workers from listening to me sniffle and sneeze all day and worked from home again Wed and Thurs. It was not the worst cold I ever had. I basically just felt very tired and the congestion was driving me crazy.

Yesterday I was feeling better and returned to the office. Last night was hectic - as soon as I returned to work I had to buy groceries, pick my daughter up from gymnastics, unload groceries, feed and bathe the kids, do laundry, clean the upstairs, etc. How do we moms manage to get everything done? There are never enough hours in the day......

Today I am FINALLY feeling better. The little girls are playing and my teen is in her room doing who-knows-what. Well I do know that she is NOT cleaning her room like she should be. I need to clean the bathrooms, clean the downstairs, finish the laundry and catch up with my blogging... I did manage to prepare my fabulous slow-cooker chili which should be ready for dinner tonight.

Now that I am feeling better I will be drawing a name for the current giveaway shortly, getting ready to feature one of my blogs of the month and updating the Mr. Linky on MB's Bloggy Sweeps. I hope to catch up on some blog giveaways as well. Also, there will be another really great giveaway coming up in a week or two that mirrors my passion for going green and my obssesion for bath and beauty products so keeep an eye out!

Have a great weekend.

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