Monday, March 16, 2009

when your kid thinks you have a ghost in the house.

Are your kiddos afraid of the dark?

When we moved into our new home, our two little ones moved into separate bedrooms. At first they LOVED it. Miss N. and Miss E. were SO proud to have their own rooms. After the newness wore off (about a week or so), Miss E. started venturing into our room every night. Apparently the size of the new home (double the size of our old one), the unfamiliar territory and the fact that she no longer had a roommate was a little scary. Also, one of our doors is not installed properly and closes on it's own. She INSISTED that we had a ghost residing on the 2nd floor. It took me more than one explanation to convince her that we did not have a ghost living in our new house.

After a few weeks of co-sleeping we encouraged her to sleep in her own room. It started with leaving the laundry room light on but then WE could not sleep. Or she would head downstairs saying "I'm not tired." then fall asleep on the couch. I had back surgery a few years ago so carrying her up the stairs every night was NOT an option.

The solution was simple - a night light. Brilliant right? (that was a sarcastic jab at myself) We would have come to this solution sooner but our night light was packed in one of the hundreds of boxes. We finally went out and bought a few new ones for ALL the kids rooms.

We still have the occasional visit from Miss E. but for the most part she is comfortable in her new room. Also, I think she has finally accepted that we do not have a ghost. Good thing, because if we did I am pretty confident that I would be the most frightened out of anyone else in my family.

Thanks to Parent Bloggers and Sylvania for inspiring this post.

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