Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Day fun and plans for next weekend.

Just finished working and thought I would stop by and post a bit as most of my recent posts have been for sponsors and partners. Most of my current giveaways are winding down and I am hoping to post a few new ones in the upcoming weeks.

This weekend was my company's family day picnic and the girls LOVED it. Of course we ate a ton of food. I had a veggie plate and while the girls had fried chicken and hush puppies. Because I am trying to do a more veggie centric diet , I passed up on the hot dogs, burgers and Carolina BBQ...... Of course that did not stop me from partaking in sampling the other goodies - fried dough, ice cream, Italian ice roasted corn and cookies. They had a little Candy Shoppe set up where the girls went by and filled up their bags with goodies like sour patch kids, candy apples, colored popcorn, ring pops, jelly bracelets and peanuts.

While we were there, Miss N. and Miss C. kept taking off to play the games and Miss E. hung out with me for a while. She decided she wanted to ride one of the ponies. There were 4 ponies - all adorable as could be but Miss E. decided she HAD to ride the white one because it was the "prettiest". As luck would have it she was the 4th kid in line and the three in front of her all picked other ponies. She was grinning from ear to ear the entire time. That is when I remembered that I forgot my camera again. Out of all the years I have gone I have remembered to bring my camera one whopping time. Pitiful, I know.

Although they had a ton of activities, the big attraction for my little girls was the carnival games We arrived with empty bags and arrived home later with not only candy, but also about 30 new stuffed animals. My oldest daughter played Bingo for a couple of hours and because of the heat, I joined her for the duration.. My friend Jason watched the little ones and his daughter. He has more energy than I do!

The last activity we did was some sort of extreme tug-o-war. Miss N and Miss E were harnessed into this big inflatable trampoline thing. They were having a great time until Miss N. took a face dive. Now of course her face only hit a big air mattress for the most part but you would have thought she hit concrete from the way she was carrying on. After that it was time to go home.

In the 10 years I have been with the company I have only missed 2 picnics - one the year my friend Susan married her husband and the year we went on a family trip to Disney. It is fun to see everyone outside of work and meet everyone's families. I always have a fantastic time at Family Day but I think that this may be the last year the company is sponsoring it. There is usually an art festival in my area going on the same weekend that we always miss because Saturday we are at the Family Day Picnic and on Sunday we are too tired from Saturday to do anything else! So although I may be saddened to see Family Day go away, I can go to the festival next year as an alternative if it is not offered.

Next weekend the pool should open and I know where we will be hanging out. I refuse to go to the beach as it will be a nightmare getting there and back. Looking forward to a 3 day weekend and the beginning of summer. Time for picnic food, longer days and, (because of my vitamin D deficiency), some guilt free sunbathing!

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