Monday, May 25, 2009

school today and quiet around here

Normally it drives my crazy when the girls are running around and screaming. I am constantly using phrases like "tone it down", "no running in the house", "go play in the sunroom" and in desperation "Be Quiet!.

I had every intention of not sending the girls to school today on principle. Yes, it is ridiculous that school is OPEN on Memorial Day but Miss E. and Miss C. have missed too much this year because of colds, the flu and nasty ear infections. It would not be fair to keep Miss N. (who rarely gets sick) home, so off to school they went.

They will be home in 3 - 4 hours and for better or for worse the house will liven up again!


Siddhartha said...

I feel sad when I do not see my 4+ niece screaming in joys. But I also see her mother desperately trying to keep her silent.

Ilija said...

Kids are fantastic!

Christmas SMS said...

teacher try to keep silent every where in the school. but children speak continuously.

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