Monday, June 08, 2009

Tonight Miss E and Miss N had their end of year gymnastics competitions. 4 hours at a gym sitting on a folding chair - fun.... My butt and back are a little sore. It was fun watching the girls - I cheered extra loud when it was their turn - it is just SO loonnnng. The program lasts 1 1/2 hours and you have to get there about 1/2 hour early. Miss E. was at 4:30 and the Miss N. was at 6:30 so tonight was a McDonald's night. Tomorrow Miss C. has her end of year competition so guess what? Back to the gym..... Not the way I planned to spend my milestone b-day.

This weekend we actually celebrate Miss N.'s b-day (more fun to celebrate at her age than at mine). Miss N.'s actual b-day is in the Winter and we celebrate with family then, but do a 1/2 b-day kids celebration in the summer. We are doing a Hannah Montana theme with manicures, pizza and make your own sundae festivities. Not sure how manicures and pizza and ice cream will work together but we will find a way.

The next weekend I head to NY to see my family, eat great Italian food and go gambling (thank god I live no where near a casino or I would be broke ALL of the time).

I am glad I got caught up on my blogging this weekend. While you are here, there are a few new giveaways posted and hopefully more coming..... Make sure you enter :)

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