Saturday, November 07, 2009

Today we went to the magnet school fair to look at high school options for Miss C. I REALLY did not want to go - I am pretty exhausted due to work and the kids being tracked out. My husband convinced me that we both needed to go and I am glad we did. The school we had in mind for Miss C. would not have been a fit. We are looking at a different school in which the odds of getting in are much better. We will have to wait until February to apply but are excited about the prospects!

Late this afternoon I just dyed my hair and did my nails. Going to the nail salon is too much coordination with DH so I usually do manicures myself at home. I hands looked bad all week but this is the first time I have had the time or energy to do something about it. Of course Miss N. and Miss E. had to get in on the action, so the bathroom is a mess - nail polish bottles everywhere. Of course Miss E. insisted on doing her nails herself and was also not satisfied with the results. I hate doing nails with her because it is such a production:
- Each nail a different color
- If the results are not satisfactory, you have to start over
- At least once she cries. Usually more than once.

At least all of the nail polish stayed in the bottles or on our nails. My nails look lovely if I do say so myself - I started with a barely black with a hint of shimmer (more of a midnight plum) and put on a coat of chocolate-copper frost. The result is a very deep, shimmery auburn-chocolate. I would take a picture but I have not cleaned up the sides yet so it looks rather sloppy.

I have a few reviews and 2 giveaways to post. I am going to be moving to my own website early December or January and was playing around with that. Unfortunately it is a totally different format and is going to take quite a bit of work to get the look and feel I want.

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