Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vintage garage sale treasures and other finds

Miss C. has been dying to go "Garage Saling". We really should have started going earlier in the year - In this area, yard sales are plentiful in the spring, but fizzle out in the summer months. The heat is usually unbearable this time of year; people are typically at the beach or the mountains, enjoying time at the pool or with friends - not hosting yard sales. We did find a few here and there but they were sparse and we had to cover a greater distance than normal.

Miss C. and I were getting ready to call it a day but decided to look at one last area - a country road by my home. We drove down in one direction when we hit a fork in the road. No garage sales (but I did find a beautiful small lake or large pond that will be fun to take a stroll by). We turned around and tried the other fork in the road. I stopped when I saw a vegetable stand at the side of the road that we quickly stopped at.

As soon as we got out of the van, Miss C. and I headed in two different directions. While I was there picking butter beans, cucumbers and onions, Miss C. headed over to what appeared to be a yard sale. After I paid for the veggies, the owner of the stand told me his wife was hosting the yard sale and was selling the "entire house". Well, he was not lying - they were actually having an estate sale. Sadly the woman's sister in law died last year and her brother died this year thus they were selling the remaining items in the home. Most of the for sale items were picked over when we arrived, but we did managed to find a few treasures.

Overall this was our haul for the day:

Miss C.
$5.00 Imitation Coach Handbag (like new condition) - est value $50
$0.50 Guitar ashtray ....that will serve another purpose - est value $5.00
(No, at 14 Miss C. does not smoke, but she - does love guitars)
$0.25 Simba figurine (she is also a Lion King fan) - est value $0.25
$2.00 New t-shirt and shorts for $1 each for self* - est value $20.00
$1.00 New t-shirt Miss N. * - est value $5

Total $8.75
Est Value $80.25

$5.00 vintage magazine set of Man, Myth and Magic - est value $8 - 12 ea.. There are about 20
$1.00 vintage Pyrex mixing bowl - estimated value at $10.00
$2.00 Classic Colorforms Vintage Reproduction set for Miss E., est. value $30.00
$1.00 New t-shirt Ryan * est. value $10
$0.75 Vintage Heinz Tin, est. value $12.00
$0.50 Vintage Ceramic Vase, circa 1979 est. value $10 - $20 (?)

Total $10.25
Est Value $232 - $322

* A man was running a covert wholesale t-shirt business out of his garage disguised as a garage sale.

All in all a good day - we are going to try and go every Saturday for the rest of the summer. Some items I will keep and others I will sell. We may head to Good Will also before we totally call it a day. The little girls would forgo the shopping for playing with friends, but Miss C. and I are all about vintage and frugal finds!

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JC said...

What a wonderful haul! I love vintage stuffs. I'm hoping to hit some great garage sales during summer.

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