Friday, July 09, 2010

What's New?


Things are crazy as always. The girls "graduated" from their former grades a little over one week ago and started their new grades already! We are on year round school so we end one grade, have a week long break and immediately start the next grade. We have been on a year round schedule for several years so are used to this program.

I have shared some pictures of the girls on their first day of school in this post.


Work is extremely busy - as usual. In today's climate who can complain? Plus I love what I do and would rather be busy than slow. Nothing worse than not having enough to do. Of course I usually don't have that problem between, work, home, school and extracurricular activities.


The girls are on the same martial arts, gymnastics and dance schedule. I am still a taxi service in the evenings - ferrying the kiddos from one thing to the next. The only BIG change is that my oldest daughter is starting high school and will now be on a traditional schedule. What that means is that I will have two children on one schedule and another on a different one.


The puppy is also keeping us busy - he is pretty much potty trained with the occasional accident. I have noticed though, when I clean the carpets with the steam cleaner, he tends to have more accidents - I think he is re-marking his territory. He also LOVES Miss C. She coddles him as if he were hers alone - it is very cute. Miss N. and Miss E. are a little afraid of him because he is very high strung and has a not-so-small nipping problem. We have all been bitten. I have learned to walk around the house carrying chew toys or pay the consequences.


Now that TV Season is over (and especially now that LOST had the series finale), I have been trying to keep busy. Back to Books......I am reading as I usually do in the summer. I finished "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and started "The Girl Who Played With Fire". I am also reading "The Help" and after watching Eclipse I am re-reading "Breaking Dawn". I never used to read more than one book at once but I found that as I get older, I am doing this more frequently. I guess what I am reading depends on my mood. Does anyone else do that?????

After I finish the pile of unread novels I have around the house, I will start using my new Kindle. My husband and kids will appreciate that I no longer be buying mass quantities of books that ultimately pile up in every room of the house. Now I can buy these electronically and save money and space.

During the summer we are also enjoying the pool. I hope everyone else is enjoying the summer as well. Here the heat this year has been pretty unbearable and it is just the beginning of July - the previous two summers were fairly mild for this area, so we were overdue for a heat wave. We are keeping cool by enjoying the pool

Here is a shocker....I am behind on my blogging. You are floored, right? I seem to go through spurts of blogging - new one coming up! I have a few things to catch up on this weekend and during the following week. I will be posting a couple of new giveaways and product reviews so make sure to come back! Keep enjoying your summer and thanks for stopping by so I could share a bit about mine with you :)

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