Monday, August 30, 2010


What are ATCs? ATCs are the ABCs for sharing art in your hometown, your state, your country, your world.

ATC stands for "Artist Trading Cards". What started at a single event is now a worldwide sensation. ATCs are a fun and inexpensive way for artists to share their art with others.  There are several global sites encouraging artists to share their art via trading. 

The rules:
- ATCs are always traded, never paid for. Exceptions to this are ACEOs (ACEO: Art card, editions and originals). These are cards designed by artists as collectible editions, and are sold versus traded
- ATCs can be any medium but are typically the size of a normal trading card.

- ATCs are a fun, unique and practical way to invest in art without spending a fortune. The smaller size is wonderful for a few reasons. It enables artists to try new ideas, mediums, techiques, etc. before moving onto a bigger scale pieces. Because of the smaller size it also is great for children. 

We are new to this, but here are some that my daughter's and I created.  Not too shabby for a first run!  Mine is above and below are the ones the girls made - I wish I could figure out how to rotate the photos at the bottom - for now you will just have to turn your head sideways:


If you are looking for something fun to do yourself, with friends, or with kids, consider an ATC gathering!     You can use any medium including scrapbooking supplies, pencil, paint, markers, clay, metal, ribbon, beads, magazines, old books, recycling materials etc.  The possibilites are truly endless.  You can tell a story through a series of ATCs or simply express yourself differently on each one. 

I joined an online forum for ATC trading that I hope to participate in but I am saving our first "batch" for sentimental reasons. 

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