Sunday, August 22, 2010

Headed for MN!

Tomorrow I head out to Minneapolis for the Baking with Betty event. SO excited. I am not sure how I got chosen... I looked over some of the blogs of other bloggers who are attending. Normally I would say I am a decent baker. I can whip up something tasty if needed. I also make a killer loaf of Pumpkin Bread (ironically the recipe is from my Betty Crocker cookbook). Compared to these ladies however, I feel like a beginner - LOL. Some of them can really, really, REALLY bake.

It should be fun regardless of my baking skill level comparatively. I feel very honored to be invited and am so very appreciative to the fine people at Betty Crocker for sponsoring this. They really rolled out all the stops on this one and the experience is something to really look forward to.

Tomorrow I fly in. Once I arrive I will shuttle over to the hotel, check in, hopefully meet some of the other attendees and then go to my room to relax. Later that evening we will go on a dinner cruise - FUN!!! I have never been on one but from what I have heard I am sure it will be fabulous :) Tuesday is a full day - touring the kitchens, baking and rotating stations (a total of four). We finish mid afternoon. I may try and venture over to the Mall of America for a couple of hours before headed home.

Wednesday is back to work and I have full schedule. I am sure I will be tired but I can catch up on my sleep next weekend.

I hope we are allowed to take pictures. If we are you can be sure that I will be posting them here.

Over the next week I need to catch up on informational posts, reviews and or giveaways. Here is a list of what is coming up:
- Breast Cancer Awareness
- Nancy Drew game review
- Cookie review (yum!)
- Scooter review
- Glade review and giveaway
- The Glamour of Grammar review and giveaway
- Eating Animals review and giveaway
- Better Breakfast month

Have a wonderful evening - I will be catching up with you soon.

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