Thursday, October 07, 2010

Baby Shower Brownies (10/07/10)

We hosted a dual baby shower for two co-workers who are both expecting in November- one is expecting a girl and the other is expecting a boy.  I was a co-host of the shower.  We had a wide array of desserts - 2 cakes, cheesecake, and brownies.  

Here is a batch of brownies I created using techniques I learned at Baking with Betty that was tweaked with a few additions of my own.  (These are also the same type of brownies the girls and I made after I returned from the Baking with Betty event so it is an activity your children could help with)

Baby Shower Brownies:
I used two different batches of brownies:

I baked both in 8 x 8 pans according to the instructions on the package.  Once baked, I let the brownies cool to room temperature;  Once cooled I sliced into rectangles and stuck in the freezer for about 1/2 an hour (until slightly frozen).

When I removed the brownies from the freezer and I immediately removed these from the pan one by one.  While still cool and hardened, I then inserted a craft stick into each brownie.   On each craft stick, I had hot glued a bow (pink and blue!). 

Once all of the brownie-sticks were assembled I prepared the melted chocolate using 2 bowls of white and milk chocolate; each bowl was melted in the microwave for 1 minute.  Once melted, I stirred up the chocolate to smooth it out and prepared to dip the brownies. 

For the toppings I used sprinkles, coconut or crushed pecan.  Decorating was easy!....  Dip the top of each brownie into the melted milk or white chocolate and then dip into the topping of my choice immediately following. 

I let the brownies "dry" out on a sheet of waxed paper.  Once the chocolate had hardened, I  transferred each individual brownie-stick into a cupcake wrapper.   The completed cakes were layered on a platter and wrapped up nicely in order to keep fresh for serving the next day.

Creating and hot gluing the bows took a while but the the actual baking and brownie assembly did not take long at all - no more than an hour.  These were a HUGE hit!  

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