Monday, December 06, 2010

House painting....

We are having the entire house painted. My Xmas gift!

Unfortunately this has delayed our annual decorating efforts - hopefully we can get Christmas decorations up next weekend.

  • Our new guest room is a beautiful, vibrant; shade of blue. It is a little brighter than a wedge wood blue but not too bright. I had debated between a kiwi green or the blue. I am so glad I went with the blue over the green - it is calming and versatile - it goes perfectly with our comforter but will be easy to coordinate with other bedding sets if we ever switch it up.

    The main entryway is an odd color; I wanted taupe and my husband wanted sand - I had to quickly select another color; I picked a color in which the shade was in-between our individual 1st choices; In the light of day (and on our walls) not so much -it gives off a lilac hue.

    My husband was upset about the color and I became defensive. He was initially giving me such a hard time about the taupe so this color was selected as a compromise. He really could not say anything else because of this. I can say that moving forward he did not say anything else about any of the other colors I selected.
  • We quickly decided NOT to do the entire downstairs in this color - instead it is only on the main entry way (vaulted ceilings) and stairway . It is a unique color to say the least but is growing on us quickly. We selected a deep yellow for the rest of the family room; the gold complements the lilac sand-taupe-putty in the main area and matches the sheer wheat shaded curtains.
  • The master bathroom is a great shade of grey - all the men LOVED it. It also compliments the deep mauve / light burgundy that is in our bedroom (previous homeowners had selected that color)
  • The girls bath will be a beautiful, deep turquoise. This room needs a paint job the most. I am not sure what the kids have done to the walls in the 2 years we have been in the house, but they look terrible.
  • The dining room will be a deep sage.
  • Miss N.s room will be a light lime green and bright pink. We may do her room after the holidays.
  • Miss C's room is still in planning mode - she wanted all black and we told her "no". We are trying to determine a color.
  • The kitchen is currently yellow but is adjacent to the family room - the gold against the yellow is a bit much so we will also be repainting that room as well. Apricot or taupe are two colors that have made it to the shortlist. I would love to do a patina green but not sure if I could pull it off.
I will try and post pictures sometime this week!

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