Sunday, January 30, 2011

TV time

If you do not have a build in Entertainment system, deliberating where to put the TV and what to place it on can be daunting. 20 years ago I worked in retail and there were not many options when it came to TV stands - there were console TVs (now obsolete), and basic stands (I remember 2 companies mass produced these and there were not too many other options). Today the selection of TV stands is quite impressive.

If you are having a hard time selecing the perfect area to place your TV, consider a corner TV stand; This neatly fits into the corner of your room and allows for more wall room for other items such as a bed, a couch, a bookshelf, etc. This is also a great option for those living in small quarters - a first home or apartment can benefit from space saving furniture!

If you have more room and are looking for something a little larger, an entertainment system may be the best option for you. Besides featuring your TV beautifully, entertainment systems offer plenty of storage and areas for your other electronics, including gaming systems, stereo systems and accessories.

I remember in college, an old boyfriend had a Entertainment system made out of cylinder blocks and wood planks. It looked very "cool" at the time, but I am sure at this point in his life he has a proper entertainment system. In our house we have a built in TV stand downstairs but are in the market for a new one upstairs. Long story, but the one upstairs was broken by my teen. I have been browsing the numerous items at, a CSN store, and am impressed as always by the vast selection.

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Anonymous said...

We are looking for a huge wall unit for our 50" flat screen once we get the living room remodeled. My current stand is so beat up from kids!

Unknown said...

That is a huge TV! :)

My DH would be jealous

annalene said...

Oooh I love CSN so much!

Just dropping by to let you know that you won the Go Max Go Foods giveaway on just checking in to make sure you got the winner notification & that it didn't end up in spam.


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