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Moe's Place - Pet Accessories! 03/27/11

 Do you have a beloved pet that you spoil and pamper in ways you never imagined? Yes? Well we have one too. Our puppy (almost one year old) and he is spoiled rotten!

Are you looking for darling pet accessories? P rior to the holidays we had the opportunity to review Pet Bandanas by Moe's place. These pet accessories are adorable!   You can check out the available styles at MoesPlace! 

 Usually I like to include customized pictures but unfortunately one of my kids left the bandana out and Mr. Scoobsters chewed right through it. I was shocked as this was a very durable thick nylon bandana.  Then again, this is the same guy who chewed up 3 throw rugs, 5 pillows, countless pens and pencils, small plastic toys, stuffed animals, wrappers and books. Heck, he even chewed up a pocket mirror! We have found that there is very little he cannot chew. 
Thankfully he is finally seeming to get out of the chewing phase. The point is, this bandana is high quality and durable.  (We just have a nutty puppy). He looked SO cute when he wore the bandana.   I am going to buy another bandana when he is totally out of the chewing phase. We are almost there but not quite.   
If you have a dog or cat that you dote on, you would love these.  I cannot stand when I see a pet overdressed and uncomfortable - (yes, it is cute but they look miserable usually).  I like this because it is no worse than wearing a collar yet it dresses your pet up adorably.You can find bandanas based off of gender,  holiday and style. 

Some tie on, others clip on.  The different styles available are as follows:
  • The Classic Style
  • The Innocent Style
  • The Scout Style
  • The Sport Style
  • The Lapel Style
  • The Ultra Style

I love this baseball inspired scarf. It would be the perfect accessory for my little guy!  He looked adorable in the holiday one (before he destroyed it!  naughty boy - good thing he is so darn cute). 

 Most of the bandanas seem to be around $12.99.  If you are looking for that perfect gift for your pet or for the pet lover, consider Moe's Place!  There is great selection and high quality at a fantastic price. 

I did not receive any compensation for this post.  I did receive a product for review purposes but was not required to write a positive review.  For more information on this blog and on my posting practices, please refer to the disclosure policy below. 

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