Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whats goin' on?

I am behind on my blogging (again!). I have been so busy since January with work and then with scouts. Work picked up drastically mid-February and has been steady since. There never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done..... I was also the cookie mom for Miss E.'s troop so that sucked up a good bit of my free time.  Work is finally slowing down slightly to a more manageable pace (40 - 50 hrs) so I am hoping to re-claim a little bit of free time.

Last week I had a stomach bug  - it lasted 8 days on and off.  Now I am feeling great and eating up a storm to make up for lost time but poor little Miss N., who hardly ever gets sick, is not doing too well.  She is vomiting and running a fever so we are keeping an eye on her. Bless my husband who steam cleaned the carpet this morning after she had an accident.

I have been playing around with a new app (hipmastic) on my iphone and included a few inpronto pictures I took a while back.  I am enjoying taking pictures with it and will most likely download the other styles.  Check out old-timey style pics I added for fun - There is one of our puppy getting his head rubbed, another of Miss E. complaining about Miss N's shoe while wearing her NYC hat & tee, and finally Miss N. showing off her OJ frozen pop creation.  It is a tad bit odd because the photo looks old but the content looks modern.  I will have to try to find some props and get the kids to wear retro styled clothing - then I can attempt to shoot a more authentic looking throwback picture.

This weekend I hope to be back with a few more reviews and giveaways.   I cannot wait for a weekend at home with Ryan and the girls.   Check back as I should have some new and hopefully more interesting content to share.

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