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Harvey Prince - New Scents! Fling, Eau de Lite and Nightshift

Over the last 2 years I have had the opportunity to review different scents by Harvey Prince.

- The first was AGELESS - still my favorite, AGELESS has a sweet, fresh scent that is a great pick me up. This is one of my favorite Spring and Summer Scents. It is sweet, fresh and fun. See my original review HERE.

- I also was able to try Eau Flirt when it hit the market. Another winner - again, see my review HERE

What I love most about Harvey Prince perfumes is their original approach to scent while maintaining a product that is youthful, fun and unique. Most of their scents are based off of what is appealing to the opposite sex.

Most recently I was able to try Eau Fling, one of the newer scents. It is a lighter version of Flirt - slightly more fruity and more earthy - it has the same base notes of Lavender and Pumpkin Pie, but has a sweeter scent.
top notes of lavender, blackcurrant, plum, raspberry and apple

middle notes of jasmine, nutmeg and cinnamon
dry down of musk and rare woods

For whatever reason, when I first spray this on, I find the scent odd. This only lasts for a few seconds - literally. After the fragrances settles on the skin, it takes on a sweet smell with floral and spicy undertones. like all Harvey Prince Fragrances it is a nice, light scent. The downside is that if you want a lingering scent, you will need to re-apply, but it is nice that it is not heavy or overwhelming. I prefer fruity scents in the summer but with a little more substance - Eau Fling is a great addition to my collection.

If I go with a floral, I prefer florals with a musky scent or white flower based scents. I asked to also try NightShift - this is a fragrance made up of exclusively night blooming floral scents because it sounded intriguing. It even sounds exotic.

  • Night Jasmine – Also known as the Lady of the Night flower, a subtle scent of white berry

  • Night Phlox – The Zaluzianskya or ‘Midnight Candy’, is an exotic flower that stays tightly closed during the day but as dusk arrives, opens up to emit a honey, almond and vanilla scent.

  • Moonflowers – This unique species of night-blooming Cereus stays open until the early morning hours…but only for those special few nights every year.

  • Evening Primrose – The fragrant tufted evening-primrose first blooms white, then turns pink or light magenta.

    This definitely is more of a sophisticated scent - a grown-up floral suitable for evening wear and special occasions. A truly unique scent and very different from the others in the Harvey Prince Line

(Another scent that I smelled was the Eau de Lite - this is a scent that is a Fragrance Induced Thinness (FIT) scent. Basically this perfume is supposed to help you lose weight. It contains notes of green apple, peppermint and vanilla proven to help curb appetites in almost 3,000 test patients. Other notes include fresh spearmint, Egyptian fennel, Moroccan jasmine, Bulgarian rose and Kununurra sandalwood. I am not sure how well this works but could definitely stand to use a few pounds. I will be back with more on this)

I did not review the following scents, but here are another sampling of newer fragrances in the Harvey Prince line:

Another white floral based fragrance is Coupling (new!) - Pumpkin, Cucumber and Gardenia - sounds potent! I think the cucumber and Gardenia would compliment each other nicely: the sultry, headiness of the Gardenia tempered with the coolness of the cucumber and subtly spiced up with pumpkin. A stronger version of Flirt!, this definitely sounds like an evening fragrance!!!

Harvey Prince has also introduced Submariner. A little different from the others is something for the gal who loves more of a fresh, outdoorsy fragrance. This is a water based scent with spicy undertones. (Think "weekend at the ocean.") I am not a huge fan of aquatic scents but for active ladies that prefer a fresh and clean scent that is also feminine, this may be for you! (My daughter would probably like this as she does not like anything too fruity or floral).

*** From the website, "Harvey Prince products use only eco-friendly and -quality ingredients and come bedecked in handcrafted packaging". Even more of an incentive to use Harvey Prince products. For more information of Fling or any of the scents in the Harvey Prince line, check out

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