Sunday, May 22, 2011

photos from Artsplosure 2011

I had planned to try and do two festivals this weekend but my husband pretty much refused. We didn't make it to the Got To Be NC Fest also, but here are some great photos from Artsplosure 2011. I had really wanted to make it this year - for the past few years my company has held the Family Day picnic on the same weekend as Artsplosure. Usually I would be too tired to try and do both in one weekend after a day at Family Day with my kids (imagine a carnival with unlimited food, games and rides/activities for free - fun but EXHAUSTING). My company no long does Family Day :( Of course we were sad but on the upside we got to attend Artsplosure this year!

I was so excited to see the Amococo, Architects of Air exhibit. Months ago I had been googling geodesic dome homes - I somehow came across this project through other links of other unusual homes and structures. When standing in line, I finally figured out that this was the same thing I had found online and I became SO excited. I never even thought that I would get an opportunity to see it in person but luck was on my side...

We had a little wait but the line went pretty quick. We did have to take off our shoes to enter which I understood but was not thrilled apart. Once inside I forgot all about my shoes. The colors were magnificent - the futuristic environment was very dreamy - inspiring and soothing. Unfortunately it was hot as blazes inside so we did not stay as long as we all would have liked but it was definitely worth it!

Miss N. was trying to be a good sport but had been at a sleep over the night before and the girls were up most of the night - needless to say by the end of the day she was cranky. Over all though we all enjoyed the art, music and most of all, food. (Nothing better than carnival or festival food!) The girls had ice cream and we all shared fried dough and a lemonade.

See some of the fun pictures below:

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