Sunday, October 09, 2011

Lego KidsFest and a homegrown birthday celebration

Monochromatic Lego Zone

This weekend was definitely one for the kids.  Friday night we went to Lego KidsFest.  The girls really enjoyed it and so did we.  Ryan, Miss E., Miss N, and I had fun building, taking pictures and playing.  

Outside of the convention center we passed a bunch of kids.  Miss N. and I wondered why there were all wearing white with neon accents.  Ryan said it was a Rave. He ran into a friend of his on the force who was not happy to be working and was expecting a long night.  On our way in we saw the line and on our way out we heard the music and saw a bunch of kids who were high, drunk or both, acting goofy but having a good time.

Saturday morning Miss N. had a soccer game and the older girls(Miss C. and a friend) as well as Miss E. hosted a garage sale.  After they were set up and running I ran to Sams to buy groceries and a cake.  We came home cleaned, did laundry, etc.  From 4 - 6 we hosted a birthday party at home.  You can see the Balloon Time decorations pictures as well as cake and opening presents. 

Today I obviously caught up on blogging, but here are pictures of the birthday party and the LegoLand event.   

Ms. E. actually has 2 cakes - this one was from her family birthday party.  My parents took her to Baskin Robbins and she selected an Oreo ice cream cake:

Ryan actually did the decorating!  Balloon Time Decorations - Ryan loved these because he did not have to worry about transporting inflated balloons from the party store to our house - 1) overlooking family room, 2) kitchen and 3) mailbox:

Opening gifts (in our living room which has been converted into a craft room):

LegoLand Pictures:


My personal favorite - Hermione, Hagrid and Harry:

Building in the Free Zone:

Ninja Warrior:

The Museum of Natural Sciences:

Miss E. "petting" a Hissing Madagascar Cockroach (EWWW!)

Which Dino is the real one?

 Until next time!....

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