Sunday, December 25, 2011

Duct Tape Wallet Project

A couple of years ago I won a handmade duct tape wallet off of Etsy.  I LOVED the wallet and immediately knew that I would take this project on when I had time.

Duct Tape crafts are currently so popular that you no longer need to venture to the hardware store to find the tape - you can find at many retailers including your local craft store.

Duct Tape manufacturers now offer various brightly colored versions in fun prints.  For Miss E. I purchased a pink/purple/blue tie die pattern with blue tape to match; for Miss N. we chose zebra print with turquoise and neon orange to match; and for Miss C. I found a rock and roll - skull print with the same blue contrast tape I purchased for Miss E. matched.

For myself I grabbed a roll of clear tape to use with scrapbooking paper. What I also like about using the clear tape is that you can use more upcycled materials (gently uses but sturdy paper, cloth, etc) for a greener project.  

When we were ready to take on the project I reviewed a few duct tape wallet tutorial videos on You Tube.  We made three wallets - I used dark and light patterned scrapbook paper but found that the clear tape works MUCH better with the light paper.  I will do another one and post a tutorial here.  Ms. E's wallet is similar to the one above.

To construct Miss. N's wallet, we used the orange and turquoise as contrast colors and the zebra print for the trim.  Behind the inside panels are inserts for a checkbook (top section pictured above) and bills (bottom section pictured above above).  The bills section also has credit card and license inserts on the front of the panel.

This was a fun, quick and relatively inexpensive project - if you are looking for something to do with your children, consider making one of these wallets.  There are also many other crafts you can make including purses, cell phone cases, photo boards and even clothing.  These also make fantastic gifts.  If you and your kiddos are looking for some inspiration look no further than the duct tape aisle at your favorite store!

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