Sunday, March 18, 2012

World Stamp Decoupage Moleskine Journal

I have had a film branded Moleskine Journal in my possession for some time - I loved the journal, but not the advertisement embossed on the cover; I knew that I wanted to revamp this in some way but was not sure how.  I finally decided on upcycling used stamps, and ordered some inexpensive ones off of ebay.

It was fun selecting the stamps.  I loved analyzing and admiring all of the different international postage stamps - I had favorites from all over but especially the UK, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the Unites States, both vintage and current.  I still have quite a bit left and look forward to the next art project.

                   FRONT:                                                                                              BACK:

I LOVE the way this project turned out. (See the cover and the back of the journal above).  This was also so easy to make that even my 9 year old was able to make own journal with an old spiral notebook as pictured below.

The steps for this project are very, very simple - just arrange and glue stamps on the cover and back of the journal (include the spine if using a non-spiral bound notebook).  When the entire surface is covered, coat the final product with Mod Podge - I coated one side at a time to allow sufficient drying time.

It is as easy as that - this would also be fun to try on a portfolio, small, hard suitcase, blank stretched canvas, memory box, etc.   I cannot wait for our next project!

                                                                                                                                    Miss E's Journal

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