Monday, April 30, 2012

CoffeeTable - shopping app for iPad users

After switching providers, our interent has been down intermittently all week but I am glad to say that I am back.  That said,  I am behind (very behind) on reviews and hope to catch up this week :)   My first featured review is on CoffeeTable, a new iPad App.......

iPad apps are taking off - there truly is an app for everything! One of the newest trends is apps created to make shopping on the iPad easier. With Mother's Day and Father's Day around the corner, timing is great to try out CoffeeTable!

CoffeeTable is an app designed exclusively for iPad users.  What makes CoffeeTable different from other iPad apps is that it is the only app where you can not only browse through the catalogs online, but also also order in app (select items). 

I have actually been using this app for a couple of months now and have been impressed with the quality of retailers, the crispness of the images and the ease in navigating.

CoffeeTable Review:
- Type of Retailers - Many different catalogs are offered.  Most of the catalogs are upscale but there is a wide variety to select from.  There type of storefronts vary greatly.......Food, Toys, Clothing, Home Decor, .  From well known retailers (Hearthsong, Land's End, Crate and Barrell, etc.) to specialty retailers, there truly is a store and a gift for every budget and for all preferences. 
Categorization  Catalogs are viewable four different ways:
(1) ShowCase - Featured retailers

(2) NEW!  Features newly featured retailers or catalogs

(3) Library - By Category:
Food and Wine
Health  &  Beauty
Home  & Garden
Men's Apparel
Shoes & Handbags AND
Sports & Outdoor
Special Promos - (Holiday for example)

(4) Library - ALL:  All retailers listed

Navigation - Select a catalog from one of the groups.  Scroll through the pages -  it reads like a catalog would normally.  You can scroll the page up to bring a page preview at the bottom of the screen to quickly scroll to other pages further in the catagory. 

Find an item you like?  Click on the black circle icon next to the item and a window pops up with options for size/color/etc and the corresponding costs. 
If you decide to purchase, select from the drop down fields and add to your cart!  If you purchase in app, you can add several retailers to your cart.  Not ready to purchase?  CoffeeTable will save your cart for your next visit.

MY REVIEW:  I found the app very easy to navigate.  I preferred to find stores via "All" retailers but also searched by Featured and by category.  I checked out several retailer and the shopping options for each. 

- Savvy Spender?  Most retailers have some sort of discount offered - the retailer I purchased from had Free Shipping  Also, Price Checking could not be more simple!  When you click on the black icon you can select the color/size/type of product and the correspesponding price will populate.  If a product is out of stock, the website indicates such.   
Note:  Most retailers were not static - because this app features catalogs, the selection does change somewhat frequently. The bigger retailers seem to maintain a consistent presence, but the specialty retailers were subject to change.

- Giveaways are often offered in App.  Register to win Gift Certificates from featured reatailers.

Buying is easy!  Most of the items are available for purchase in-App, but some do direct you to the customer webstie to complete the purchase.  The retailer I purchased from had many secure payment options available, including PayPal.

- New Retailers may be "New" to you - I was familiar with most of the retailers but was introduced to several new companies as well, some of which I will definitely be visiting and purchasing from in the future. 
After weeks of deliberating I narrowed down my selections and decided to order gift for my husband, a personalized item from Personal Creations.  Not only did I order an item via my ipad, I also had it personalized!  I simply added to my cart, opted to check out as a guest - filled in my information, selected my payment option and completed my purchase. 
I found CoffeeTable very easy to use. This would be pefect for travelers, those on the go, those short on time or those simply looking for a convenient way to shop.  Downloading the App is free.  If you have an iPad you dFollow on Facebook or Twitter

If you have an iPad, do not hesitate to download CoffeeTable!  You have nothing to lose but you can potenially save time, money and your shopping sanity.

Disclosure: I received a gift certificate to help facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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