Sunday, September 09, 2012

Hershey's Camp Bondfire

You are invited to discover new ways to “bond” around the campfire with Hershey’s interactive Facebook app, Camp Bondfire . Each week, Camp Bondfire features new tips and ideas surrounding a new weekly theme.   Visit and Fan their facebook page then check it out.  

This week the theme is "Keep the Fire Burning" - create an avenue to bond with family around the campfire whether it be sharing scary stories, singing, telling jokes or simply making smores.  .

Register to be a “Camper of the Week” for a chance to win outdoor prizes like a backyard fire pit.  You can also upload your  own summer memories to the Fireside Memory Book at Camp Bondfire.

 Above you can see pictures of one of our "campfires" this summer while we were on vacation in Washington (thanks to my SIL).  Ryan and Miss E. are enjoying roasting marshmallows for smores.

Raining?   Make a quick batch in the microwave - throw everything in for 15 seconds - yes, it is not the same as roasting over a campfire, but the kids will still love doing this together with you.   In the winter we even do smores at our fireplace.  Regardless of the weather bonding time can still commence! 

The kids grow so fast so it is important to create lasting memories together.  Campfires will definitely bring lifetime memories for your children.  Head over to Camp Bondfire for ideas  and don't forget the smores!

Disclosure:  I received a smores gift pack as a thank you for sharing this information with my readers.  All opinions expressed were my own.  

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