Monday, April 01, 2013

My Craft Room

We had three rooms in our home that I consider unfinished - the front living room, the loft area and our sunroom.  I finally decided to re-purpose the living room into a craft room and planned on doing so when I received a small inheritance that enabled me to step it up a notch.  

I keep saying that my craft room / art studio is finished but I always seem to find new things to change or add.   My husband tolerates it but the girls and I LOVE this space.  It is our refuge - a place to relax, create and be productive.  I keep seeing other people share pictures of their craft spaces, so I will jump on the bandwagon and share what I have set up.

Most of the furniture, including the ribbon holder, desk, hutch, paper holders and punch/stamp holders are from Martha Stewart Craft Room (available at  

This is where I store all of the ribbon and keep my recently finished pieces or work(s) in progress.

Ribbon Holder(s)

Originally I planned to store all my ribbon on this rack but I had more ribbon could accommodated so I came up with some extra storage options:

*  A board was painted in black (cork) and grey (trim).Once dry this was hung from the wall.

*  The top portion of the board was left open and the bottom half was strung with thin colored wire.  Cards, tags or papers could then be draped over the wire or hung from clips

*  Long pieces of thick hemp twine  were strung and secured on the  bottom with a button or large knot to hold the spools in place.  The spools were then simply threaded through the hemp and the top was closed with a slip knot - this then made it easy to hang from simple push pins.   Finally glass jars were filled with loose ribbon and placed on top of the ribbon holder.


Craft Room!

This is where most of the supplies are stored.   Above is a shot of the entire wall:

On the left is a desk that I placed a hutch over.  The hutch opens and has a corkboard on one side and a chalk board on the other.  LOVE it!

The drawers pull out - I keep embellishments and small items like brads, glitter, cricut cartridges, etc in the top two drawers.  The large drawer at the bottom houses glue, glue sticks and glue guns, duct tape, finished cards and other larger objects.

On the very bottom are three baskets to store yarn, knitting and crocheting items as well as the kids craft supplies.

There are a few jars of extra ribbon, bakers twine, pinks and buttons that rest over a stamp and punch holder.  On the stamp and punch holder I have stored  various punches (on the left) and stamp pads (on the right).   To the right of this is a pen holder where I store my distress ink pens, glaze gel pens and plain colored markers

Here is a bookshelf for extra storage and the paper cubes.  Since the bookshelf is getting full I have ordered one more stamp / punch holder for extra storage.  I can then move some of the items around on the bookshelf.  I also ordered a rolling cart which i will store the cutters and miscellaneous items such as reinkers and current projects.
Paper Holder - decorative paper

Card Stock and die cuts

Here is the room from the front:

Side view (right)

Side View (left):

Here is the desk area.  I sit on the left and the girls will sit on the right.  

So that is my space.... If you are thinking of creating a craft area go for it!    You can always change up what you start with and as your space evolves, so can you.  

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