Sunday, July 07, 2013

Site changes

Hello - I have taken a much needed break from blogging.  I do have a few posts to catch up on and look forward to sharing those with you.  During my break, I have really questioned the format of this blog, what I am putting into it and what I, and my readers, are receiving from these efforts.

This blog originally started off as a personal blog and morphed into a review/giveaway blog.  That will not change.  As I have developed an interest in papercrafting however, I have been sharing that information here.  I had always intended to create a separate blog to post my work, a list of suppliers, card challenges, etc. and  finally bit the bullet - moving forward these types of posts will be posted on my new blog. That House with the Blue Door.  (In case you are wondering, the name is an homage to one of my favorite movies, Notting Hill).

Moving forward papercrafting posts may occasionally be shared here on this site on the facebook page but the main focus of moving forward will be product reviews and giveaways.

If you are interested in papercrafting, please make sure to visit and follow That House with the Blue Door but keep visiting here for reviews and giveaway fun!  Thanks always to all my readers.  I could not make this journey without you!

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