Sunday, December 29, 2013

Porche By Design: Seducing Speed - Exhibit at the NC Museum of Art

Thanks to Carolina Parent and the NC Museum of Art, my hubby and I enjoyed the Porche By Design: Seducing Speed exhibit at the NC Museum of Art.

I took these pictures using my favorite iphone app - Hipstamatic.  The app itself is free but you can buy different films and flashes to expand the capabilities of the camera.  You can select the film and/or flash you want to use from those that you own or simply shake your iphone for a randomly selected pairing of film and flash from your collection.

I could not figure out what the graffiti was in a couple of the shots below.  At first I thought my kids added creative text to the photos and then I realized it was probably one of the film set features LOL  My favorite Porche was the Janis Joplin car, shown in the last three photos.

Below my pictures is an embedded video from Motor Show so you can see the cars that I missed taking shots of or so you can get a better view

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