Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Blast From the Past - "Unlinked LinkedIn"

Due to a technical issue, earlier posts on this blog were deleted. These posts are being re-shared with Momanthology.com readers on a daily basis.  This blog post was originally published on October 11, 2011

I decided to remove my blog from my LinkedIn profile.

Initially I tried to keep my facebook page for friends/coworkers only, twitter for blogging and LinkedIn for work. Then things started to blur. More and more companies started using Facebook, other bloggers were using LinkedIn, etc. and I felt like I was missing the boat. Although I was not crazy about the idea of having personal info under my Linked in profile, I did not want to maintain 2 separate profiles either. Ultimately tried to put my blog information as a "position" under my regular profile.

Most people I encounter at work or via work who visit my LinkedIn profile and thus my blog, say they like it, ask questions, etc. It has never really interfered with my work or vice-versa so I kept the blog listed. I recently was talking to a former coworker however and he did not understand the correlation between the my blog and my day job. Now of course there is no correlation other than I am the same person. He asked if I was still employed by my company, (even though I was talking to them from work). Then this person asked if I was there full-time. Although most people recognize that it is separate and he was very confused about the entire thing even though he is a very intelligent man. I decided then and there to kill the blog link on my profile.

Although it is VERY useful for my day job, I did not find that LinkedIn was particularly useful at all to my blogging. Most bloggers I keep up with via RSS or via Facebook. Regarding PR, most of the time I am contacted directly by a PR firm or I respond to an inquiry soliciting interested bloggers.

Although I will now use facebook to some extent for my blogging, I will have more flexibility in doing so. For my readers it will be through my fan page. I will connect with other bloggers via my normal facebook. It will be interesting to see what Google plus brings...

Next on the agenda is to change my picture. My husband hates it and says it looks like I have been smoking crack. He would know what a crackhead looks like because he works in law enforcement. Now of course I have not been smoking anything but one can only wonder what others may be thinking. Glamour shots - next on the agenda.....

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