Sunday, October 09, 2011

Blast From the Past - "Keri Review and Giveaway " (ended)

Due to a technical issue, earlier posts on this blog were deleted. These posts are being re-shared with readers on a daily basis.  This blog post was originally published on October 9, 2011

Keri is so very.....

That is the slogan I remember from the 80's.   Well Keri is very much still around with a new mantra of "All day soft, All day smooth" .  Keri is relaunching their high quality lotions that have been around for generations.  In celebration of their 50th anniversary Keri has updated their packaging for a more fresh and modern look but brings the same lotions that have been loved for years.

On Keri's website you can view and select products that are best for you. 

Keri® Original Daily Dry Skin Therapy – Enhanced with five essential moisturizers, this product is for daily dry skin therapy for smooth, healthy looking skin.

Keri® Advanced Fast Absorbing Lotion – This non-greasy, lightweight formula is fast absorbing for silky, soft skin.

Keri® Shea Butter Conditioning Therapy – Provides a conditioning therapy that penetrates deep into skin to nourish with naturally rich Shea Butter.

Keri® Basic Essentials Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Lotion – Made with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a lightweight formula that provides optimal hydration.

Keri® Luxurious Deliciously Scented Nourishing Lotion – A total indulgence for the skin, with a light apple scent and Vitamins A, C and E.

My review:
I have tried Keri in the past and was looking forward to getting re-introduced.  I actually opted to review the Shea Butter formula.  In our home we suffer from dry skin in the cooler months.  My daughter is already starting to display some of the signs.  I also suffer from dry skin on my hands when cleaning and washing dishes.  Yesterday we cleaned the house and my hands were irritated towards the end of the day.  I used the Keri and it quickly moisturized and soothed my skin.  I noticed that it absorbed immediately and left just the hint if a nice, light and fresh scent - not overpowering at all and appropriate for men or women.  I have the bottle conveniently sitting in the entrance to the kitchen so we can all use it.

Please refer to the FAQs posted on their site about best uses and suggested practices.

You can purchase Keri at national retailers - see HERE for a listing of stores.  One lucky reader will have a chance to win as well.  Please see the Rafflecopter form for details,  rules and to enter.  EASY ENTRY.



Disclosure:  I received the opportunity to review this product and provide a prize to one of my readers through the Family Review Network.  I did not receive any compensation for my initial review or for this giveaway.  For more information on this blog or on my posting practices, please refer to the disclosure policy at the bottom of this page

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