Thursday, July 05, 2018

Back to business!

After a long sabbatical I have slowly decided to blog again.  Why the long break?  We simply became so busy in our day to day lives that I really no longer had the time that I once did.  The children - now young adults - had become so busy with school, sports, social lives, etc.  I also have several interests (reading, art, working out, etc.) so really had to prioritize what I wanted do with the limited time I  had (and still have).  I had also simply lost an interest in blogging.  I really felt like I wanted to be sharing information about things that I am passionate about so although I may still do product reviews and host giveaways, it will be more tailored to where I am at in my life now.  The content will be more closely mirrored to my current hobbies, interests and day to day experiences. 

I hope to slightly reformat the blog but realize how much I have forgotten - my tech skills are definitely a little rusty.  Unfortunately I had to delete most of the former content from my blog - one of the links I had posted for a partner was against Google's TOS.  Unfortunately they would not tell me which blog post so in frustration I eventually deleted most of them.  I tried re-posting all of the content but it was simply too time consuming and then I honestly just did not even see the point of doing so.

I hope that my former readers will still choose to re-visit Momanthology.    I have missed your visits and your comments and have also missed liaising with other bloggers and PR partners.   It will be great to hear from you again and rejoin the land of the living - cyber-living anyways! 

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