Sunday, October 19, 2008

Christmas Crafts

Ready to get crafty but need some inspiration? CraftBits is a wonderful site full of projects, resources and competitions.

Here are some of the categories available:
Bath and Body Crafts
Bead Crafts
Candle Making
Crochet Patterns
Easter Crafts
Group Crafts
Halloween Crafts
Jewelry Making
Kids Crafts
Misc Crafts
Knitting Patterns
Paper Crafts
Gifts in a Jar
Recycled Crafts
Holiday Crafts
Sewing Crafts
Soap Making Recipes
Therapy Crafts
Valentine's Day Crafts
Wedding Crafts
Christmas Crafts

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Reindeer Poop
Glitter Snowflake
Tin Can Luminary

Monday, October 06, 2008

Fancy Nancy

Ahem..... - Fancy Nancy has graced our home with her presence.

When I first saw this doll featured on a couple blogs I knew that Miss E. had to have it. Fancy Nancy is a kids character that uniquely dresses with a mismatched flair. My first thought was that Miss E. could have inspired the creation of Fancy Nancy.

Although I did recently draw the line when she insisted on a blue glitter spandex miniskirt and matching top, I generally let her creativity shine through. Ms. E. likes anything sparkly, fluffy, bright or loud and will coordinate clothes that don't really go together, pretty much on a daily basis. She has come up with some interesting Fabulous creations - the teachers can tell that she dresses herself and several people have told me that she will be a famous fashion designer some day.

Back to Fancy Nancy - For a few months I tried to win one to no avail. When my MIL asked what Miss E. may want for her birthday I had the perfect suggestion. Let me tell you this gift was a hit. Miss E. thinks Fancy Nancy is the most beautiful doll created and said that it is the best gift - EVER. I think she even took it to gymnastics with her. Right now I am missing both of them :)

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