Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday was not a day of rest today

So much for taking a break today. I cleaned the kids rooms and it took ALL day. We went through Miss E's dresser. Miss E. has a growth spurt and outgrew over half her pants. I have a HUGE box of clothes that no longer fit or that she just won't wear. I also vacuumed, cleaned up Miss C's room and headed to Miss N's room. That was the beginning of the end. Miss N's room looked like a tornado landed.

4 hours later I emerged with a sore back, a sore attitude but a feeling of victory. We took the barbie house out of Miss N's room and put it in the loft/playroom closet- it's new purpose being to store toys, games and puzzles. We then took Miss C's beaten up old dresser and put in Miss N's closet. The dresser now houses belts, purses and a multitude of plastic toys. By the time everything found it's home, we were able to actually put Miss N's clean clothes away. Miraculously the clothing in her dresser in her room were in good order.

During Miss N's room organization project, my mom took Miss C and Miss N to the mall. Miss C spent a ridiculous amount on clothes at Hollister. (I refuse to shop there or at Abrocrombie unless there is a great sale, but my parents and in laws will buy her gift cards).

When Ryan woke up from sleeping (night shift this weekend) I proudly showed off our accomplishments. what was his response? "The kids need to get rid of toys". Um, excuse me, I moved a huge barbie house, AND a solid wood dresser by myself, filled one bag with trash, another with good will toys and a huge box with hand me-downs. I think he does not realize that one day we will miss the toys in the house. Probably not the constant mess though....

When mom and the girls returned, my mother helped me with the last bit of vacuuming and laundry and I hit a much needed shower. She then treated us to Miss C's choice - IHOP. I ate more than I should, my appetite quite large from all the physical labor.

Now I am ready to chill out. I will post my blog giveaways tomorrow after work. Tuesday is grocery shopping, Wednesday is a night off, Thursday is gymnastics and Friday Ryan has the weekend off so we can actually relax at home and at the pool.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

we've been busy!

We went to Seattle for about a week and a half to visit my husband's mom and step-dad. We left on a Monday and returned Wednesday the week following. By the time we got home it was early Thursday morning. I caught a few hours of sleep and went to work that same day. Friday of that week (one day later), my husbands dad and stepmom came to stay with us for a week. They just went home this morning and I was pretty tired all day today. My mom comes in next weekend and my girlfriends from college are coming in for a visit 2 weeks following that. After Labor Day we should be ready to settle into a normal routine again.

Through it all the girls have had a blast during trackout and are ready to start school again on Monday. I am very behind with reviews and giveaways but hope to catch up by tomorrow!

Be on the lookout for a few posts soon :)

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