Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tennessee Coal Ash Slide DISASTER

A couple of article links that ALL should read. A recent environmental disaster in TN was flying low on the news radar until bloggers picked it up.

An environmental disaster has occurred in the SE region of the US (TN) . The damages caused by the Exxon Valdez oil spill pale in comparison to this recent even ( a coal ash slide) according to environmental experts. Sounds harmless enough but the material contains toxins at high levels and is covering a massive area . This is a huge disaster with potential repercussions for years to come.


Tennessee-Coal-Ash-Slide 2

UDATE 12/28/2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss N!

8 years (and 1 day) ago I welcomed a darling, tiny baby girl into the world. She remained tiny but feisty and my dad coined the term "small but mighty". My petite Missy is intelligent, introspective and private. She can be predictable with some things but with others we are left scratching our heads.

We had a quiet, pleasant birthday celebration at home yesterday. We did not buy a cake in advance and for some reason my husband convinced me not to bake one. (Hey, my cakes are GOOD!). All of us settled for ice cream and cookies.

Today we celebrated by going to the mall and spending some of our gift cards. Miss N. spent $40 on Webkins and an eye mask. Ah, to be 8.... I am much more frugal and am looking for sale stickers that say at least 70% off.

When I was visiting my friend in the midwest, My DH took the girlies out to dinner at their favorite place, Red Robin. He took this picture from his camera phone.

Monday, December 22, 2008

What Cancer Cannot Do

I just returned from seeing my beloved friend Susan. Four other college roommates and I made the journey to the Midwest to spend time with and support Susan. It was a bittersweet weekend - full of warm memories, various exchanges of "what have you been doing", spending time with Susan and her family, fun, games, goofiness and dealing with the painful reality of why we were all there.

If you read earlier, Susan has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She has recently started Chemo and Radiation and at this point, despite being told of other potential outcomes, I am remaining stoically hopeful for the best. Several snapshots were taken and upon departure Susan presented us with a framed group photograph and following poem:

What Cancer Cannot Do
Author unknown
Cancer is so limited.
It cannot cripple love.
It cannot shatter hope.
It cannot corrode faith.
It cannot eat away peace.
It cannot destroy confidence.
It cannot kill friendship.
It cannot shut out memories.
It cannot silence courage.
It cannot reduce eternal life.
It cannot quench the Spirit.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A night filled with Drama

I am tired tonight.  I got home at 5:30pm.  By 5:45pm we were out the door and headed to Miss C's school for their production of Annie.  Dropped her off and then waited in line for 1/2 an hour.   At 6:30 the doors opened.  On the upside we got great seats - in the front and smack dab in the middle.  The play started at 7:00pm and lasted about an hour and a half.  After that it was time for dinner but I had no time to cook.  We headed to Wendy's and make it home around 8:45pm.  The entire ride we discussed how fabulous the play was (and it really was - I was pretty impressed that this was a middle school production).  I told Miss C. that drama was her forte.

We get home and the other drama started.  One was hungry.  Drama until her food was finished.  One of the kids meals was missing a toy.  Drama.  One of the frostys was bigger than the other.  Drama.  All were tired.  Drama. 

After all the drama it was time for bed - baths will have to wait until tomorrow night.  I started some laundry, straightened up and now I feel like I am about to collapse.  And no more drama - just zzz's.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays
from Miss E. Miss C. and Miss N.!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

today we baked

Time to bake again with Miss E. and Miss N. We made double batches of EVERYTHING. Although I intended for this to be fun we had a few accidents - Miss E. dropped a carton of eggs and Miss N. dropped both the mixer AND an entire bowl full of mixed batter. Miraculously all survived - the eggs were cracked but usable. The bowl dropped and slightly tipped but we were able to salvage the batter. The mixer still works fine. Miss C. was out and missed all of the fun.....

What did we bake?
- Waffles (yes again) - We replenished our supply and the freezer is now well stocked. This should tide us over for a week or two. These are SOOO much better than storebought frozen bagels. Plus 1 waffle does the trick for my kids. With the store bought ones, it takes 2 or 3 to satisfy their hungry tummies.

- Pizzelles - This was a work in progress. You can definitely tell which ones were the first in my batch and which ones were made after I got the swing of things. I froze a bunch - some for a pot luck at work later this week and a few more for when my parents come in next week. My dad loves these.

- And last but certainly not least, my famous Pumpkin Bread - Everyone loves this. My husband's boss kept harrassing him to have me bring in more so I have baked 4 batches this winter. I will post the recipe tomorrow. I have 2 that I use and both are fabu. Today I made a hybrid of both.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

potential, possibility, promise and progress

what are your plans are for 2009?  What will you do to improve your life - will it be busier? more organized? more relaxed? A new year brings promise.

OK - so here are mine.....
New Years resolutions are made as we look to enrich our lives. Alas, these are often quickly made and quickly forgotten (at least my resolutions are). The best thing about a resolution though is the hint of lasting change.

Any milestone gives you a great stepping stone to assess your life, look for area of improvement and do it - 2009 brings me the big "40" thus now is the time to stick with those plans and resolutions. Life is short! I want to do so many things! Of course I will to continue on my journey of going green. I will also keep looking for activities that both the girls and I enjoy to give us more quality time together.

Travel is on the agenda - I plan to make it home over the summer to spend time with my family. My 40th will be spent in Vegas.

The old "lose weight" and "quit smoking" are sure to make the list. (Realistically, I am not even going to attempt adding working out). I also want to try new things - learn how to cook new foods, take up soapmaking, volunteer at the food bank, decorate my home or write a book. I am very organized at home (to the point where things are color coded and labeled) but my days are very unorganized and chaotic. I want to streamline my life - take better notes, keep appointments, remember simple things. I also would LOVE to open an ETSY shop - selling my artwork, beadwork and craft of the day (I am fickle so this changes frequently). Designmom had a post on how to make your own vanilla extract and vanilla sugar. Of course I want to try that too.

This time next year I will be doing a pulse check. Hopefully some resolutions will be kept and shared. If not, there is always 2010 and 41.....

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Miss E.

Miss E., I am so glad you came into our lives. When I found out you were coming, I was embarrassingly less than thrilled. Not that we did not want you, just that we were not quite ready for you. After you were born, it took me longer to bond with you than with your sisters. I was overwhelmed with a HIGHLY active 7 year old and a toddler, not yet even 2. Slowly I realized that you were our biggest blessing - you completed our family and put a smile on our faces every day.

I love all of you girls equally, but you are the one that is most like me. You love reading, games, puzzles, cleaning, anything girlie and think you know the best way to do everything (even if you are wrong). Ah, yes, you are just like your mom. Routine, structure and the expected rule your life, but you can embrace change with a little convincing.

You may drive Miss N. and Miss C. crazy, but they love you too. Hey, it is your job to be an annoying little sister (x2!) As much as we are alike, you are first and foremost a daddy's girl. It is a bittersweet joy to see that you have him wrapped around your finger I am perched right up there with him.

Miss E., you crack us up with your expressions, responses, and musings on day to day life. When I need help around the house, you are the first to volunteer. When you have one piece of candy left, you offer it to whomever you are with. You rarely ask for anything and appreciate everything you are given. I hope life gives you as much as you give everyone else. Love you sweetie!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Where did all the bedding go?

The house was clean this morning. Totally clean. Look what the kids did while I was "distracted" today. Little stinkers! Oh, and I have NO idea why they were wearing their bathing suits. It is close to freezing outside.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Prayers Please

Received devastating news this morning... I sat down at my desk and received an email from one of my closest friends that I had not heard from in a while. The email said that she has been diagnosed with cancer - an inoperable brain tumor. Chemo and radiation start next week. I spent much of the day in shock, in tears and on the phone with other college friends who were also in shock and in tears. Plans are being made to go visit and help. I will post more when I am in a more positive frame of mind.

Also, later today my oldest daughter fractured her wrist in gymnastics. We are hoping she will be able to compete late winter / early spring, but honestly this is minor in comparison to what is going on with my friend. Right now I feel drained of all energy but hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My favorite winter treat

I go through phases of drinking coffee or tea.  Right now it is coffee all the way.  My favorite is a cinnamon mocha:

1 large cup of coffee
half and half
1 teaspoon of hersheys cocoa
2 packets of splenda or other sweetener

Mix well - the cocoa and the cinnamon can "float" to the top so you need to make sure that the coffee is well blended.  The cinnamon brings out the flavor in the chocolate.  Premium cinnamon also makes a huge difference - it is a little more costly but so worth it!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miss E. and the Family Turkey Project

A 1st grade tradition is the family turkey project. The child comes home with a turkey printed on two 8 x10 sheets of paper (one half the top and the other half the bottom of the turkey). The papers are glued or taped together to complete the bird and each member of the family helps adorn, decorate and complete it. The result is a piece of art to be displayed for all to see in the classroom.

Miss C. had her project 7 years ago and Miss N. toted her turkey home last year. The family turkey project is truly a family affair. Miss C. and Miss N. LOVED working on the turkey together - we colored, glued, glittered, feathered and beaded the turkey - each one of us contributing. Miss E. on the other hand did not understand that this is a collaborative effort. She is mildly OCD (like her mom) being very structured, regimented and needing to be in control at all times.

The project was due today and the only thing completed was that Miss E. had colored the turkey in. When she was at gymnastics last evening, I took the liberty of gluing beads on the turkey. It was half completed and I needed to start dinner so I left the rest for later.

When Miss E. arrived home and saw what I had done to "her turkey" she had a total meltdown. It was HER turkey and it was NOT supposed to have beads on it. The turkey looked stupid. The beads were the wrong color. The beads were in the wrong place. I used the wrong beads. This went on all through dinner. Only after Miss C. and Miss N. told her it was the most beautiful turkey EVER, "even better than theirs!", did she relent. By then Dad, Miss C. and Miss N. had put forth all of their energy into explaining the turkey project process and had no desire to decorate. This ultimately was more of a "Mom and Me" project. The only contribution from her dad and sisters were their efforts towards selling Miss E. on the idea of the family project.

Miss E. and I resumed the project, dumping glue, buttons and beads onto that darn turkey until it weighted at least a pound. A sparkly, glittery pound, but a pound nonetheless. Seriously, it was so heavy that she needed to take it on a clipboard to school and I am not sure how the teacher managed to get it hung up on the wall....

After all the DRAMA we had a fairy tale ending. This morning Miss E. carefully put her name on her turkey before hauling it off to school with a proud smile on her face.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blogg'n and Baking

Royal Baking Powder Digital ID: 1259260. New York Public Library

I love Sundays. Today Miss E. and I cooked and baked all morning. I forgot to buy frozen waffles at the grocery so first on our agenda was waffles. Out came the waffle maker! Miss E. helped me mix buttermilk waffles that turned out fabulous. By the time we started the cinnamon raisin waffles she ran out of steam. Between intervals of sponge bob and commercials I received a sporadic bouts of "help". We finished and ate only one - the rest were bagged up and placed in the freezer.

Next on the agenda was Pot Roast in the slow cooker - no help there. Miss E. likes baking but cooking does not suit her. When I finished peeling the last potato I announced that it was time to start on the Pumpkin Bread. She helped me dump everything into the my beloved Kitchen Aid mixer and into the baking pans.

Last on my list was Chili - again in the slow cooker. I browned what I thought was beef but realized it was ground sausage. I dumped corn, tomatoes, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, black beans, chili powder, fresh cut onion, a smidgen of garlic salt and chipotle seasoning to my other slow cooker. I am hoping this turns out OK - it is for my husband to take to work to thank all of his friends for helping us move a couple of months ago. I will also throw in a loaf of pumpkin bread for him to take and share with his co-workers.

Now I am catching up on my blog giveaways, emails, etc. Miss N. is sleeping over a friends and I am just waiting for her to come home. Miss C. (my teen) is hiding in her room as normal and hating that tomorrow is Monday....

Monday, October 06, 2008

Fancy Nancy

Ahem..... - Fancy Nancy has graced our home with her presence.

When I first saw this doll featured on a couple blogs I knew that Miss E. had to have it. Fancy Nancy is a kids character that uniquely dresses with a mismatched flair. My first thought was that Miss E. could have inspired the creation of Fancy Nancy.

Although I did recently draw the line when she insisted on a blue glitter spandex miniskirt and matching top, I generally let her creativity shine through. Ms. E. likes anything sparkly, fluffy, bright or loud and will coordinate clothes that don't really go together, pretty much on a daily basis. She has come up with some interesting Fabulous creations - the teachers can tell that she dresses herself and several people have told me that she will be a famous fashion designer some day.

Back to Fancy Nancy - For a few months I tried to win one to no avail. When my MIL asked what Miss E. may want for her birthday I had the perfect suggestion. Let me tell you this gift was a hit. Miss E. thinks Fancy Nancy is the most beautiful doll created and said that it is the best gift - EVER. I think she even took it to gymnastics with her. Right now I am missing both of them :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm an Aunt - again...

My girls have some competition.  For years they were the only grandchildren/nieces on BOTH sides of the family. 3 years ago that all changed.  Miss Ellie and Mr. Baker were welcomed into this world as both my SILs gave birth just over a month apart.  This year Miss Julia and Miss MaKenzie joined the crowd.

See the latest addition here!  My littlest one keeps pointing out her belly button "string" - LOL.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Movies that make me cry

I love a sappy love story or a compelling drama. My family laughs at me as I happily sob away when watching these favorite tear jerkers....

Love Story
The English Patient
Dead Poet's Society
Whale Rider
Lost in Translation
Pride and Predjudice
Terms of Endearment
Schindler's List
What are yours?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miss E. had a frightful trip home from school

My 5 and 7 year old daughters are inseparable. Whether they are fighting or playing, they are always together. Their older 13 year old sis floats in and out of playtime, depending on her tolerance level for her little sisters.

Today my 5 year old, Miss E, arrived home from school. When she approached the porch (bus stop is right outside our house), she looked like she had something on her mind. I asked her if school went OK. She replied that yes it was fine but still looked slightly upset. I asked her what was wrong and she broke - her tiny face crinkled up and she broke into hysterical tears. "N. is gone! She's lost!" she said about her oldest sister.

Apparently the school forgot to tell Miss E. that we had picked up my middle daughter because she was not feeling well. My husband stressed that she should be told and the office promised to let her know. She is very structure and routine oriented so this was a MAJOR thing for her to deal with.

Even after Miss E. knew her sister was safe she was emotionally distressed. I had to hold her for 10 minutes until she calmed down. I kept telling her that she was a great little sis to worry about her big sis. It broke my heart and made me feel proud at the same time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I love Fridays

Every Friday I am relieved the week is over with and that I get to spend the weekend with my family.  What I love most is I get to look forward to a little Friday night humor.  Typically I watch dramas - "Lost" and "House" are my 2 favorite TV shows - "Lost" obsessively so.   Now while there are humorous moments in both shows, neither would be considered strictly a comedy.  Most of my comedy viewing is limited to re-runs of "Everybody Loves Raymond" or "Will and Grace".  Not on Friday's though.... Friday nights are reserved for "Psych" and "The Soup".  No matter how crappy my week is I look forward to Friday nights.

"Psych" is light and corny but Dule Hill (Gus) and James Roday (Sean) crack me up with their predictable antics.  Sean is childish, immature, annoying but you cannot help but love him.  Gus is stuffy, stoic and neurotic - Best friends since childhood, they strangely compliment one another.  One wonders in real life if they actually WOULD be friends.  My favorite though is Timothy Omundson who plays Detective Lassister.  Lassiter plays a police officer with little personality and little tolerance from Sean.  He knows that Sean is not a real psychic but cannot figure out how he (sean) is able to solve so many cases.  Also add Sean's Dad, "the chief" and  Juliet and you have quite a crew.  The wacky, goofy humor is a great end to the week.

Normally I don't like when people make fun of others.  I really don't.  But for some reason I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "The Soup".  Appearing on "The Soup" is the fear and honor of every celebrity, reality star, interviewer, interviewee, movie star, B-lister, and regular person who happens to be on TV that week.  Embarrassing moments are re-broadcast with either a commentary, commentary and skit, or replayed again and again and again and opportune moments during the 1/2 hour free for all.  Host Joel McHale, Interns, staff and guests keep us laughing, crying, agreeing and sympathizing with their stinging insults, accurate metaphors and witty reenactments.   It is funny even when you have not seen the clip being featured in advance, hysterical when you have.  My only disappointment?  Last Season's clip from ANTM of "Model as if you are in pain" was not featured.  I was so looking forward to that all week when it originally aired.  Of course Joel only has 1/2 an hour and so much to choose from so I will forgive.  

Monday, September 08, 2008

My weekend project with the girls

This weekend I was feeling pretty industrious. My two little ones and I worked on creating customized bulletin boards for their new rooms. I recently bought some throw pillows for their beds so pulled the colors from those - For Miss N, a turquoise blue and for Miss E. a lime green.  It was a little messy (especially Miss E's work area) but fun!


Bulletin Boards
Craft Paint
Stick on rhinestones
Small heart shaped charms
"Love" stamped charms - large
small wood squares
18 inch chain (approx)

- We used glossy craft paint for the trim, squares and large letter initials
- We used metallic craft paint for one (turquoise) and standard matte paint for the other (green)

- We embellished the letters and squares with rhinestones and charms, which were glued on with a hot glue gun)\.  The squares were "dangled" from a chain which was also glued on.
- To finish I dove into my craft bag and created floral buttons from precut foam, buttons and beads

For my oldest daughter I also did a black and blue "Rock and Roll" themed board with chains, a painted guitar and graffiti

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Care Bears

I missed the Care Bear craze of the early 80's.  I was a little too old at that time (pre-teen / teen) but this time around I found my self sucked in as I am a parent of 3 girls - 3 girls who happen to love this kind of stuff.  My girls love their Care Bears and I have to admit that they are pretty cute.

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Tuffet time

kristleharrison is giving away a tuffet. A tuffet? Yes! These are great for babies and kids pre-school - elementary school. Little Miss Muffet need not be the only kid to have one of these.

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Back to School giveaway

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love vintage?

Aprons are the newest fad. Or the oldest fad. Not sure but they are back "in" again.

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Strawberry Shortcake is back!

Another childhood favorite of many 70's / 80's kids. To celebrate, Seven Dogs and a Baby is giving away a DVD. You can find out more HERE

New must-have DS game for kids

My daughter loves her Nintendo DS and she loves Build-a-Bear. How perfect is it that Nintendo now has a build-a-bear game for the DS? Too perfect.

sevendogsandababy is giving away a game to a lucky parent. I am hoping I am that parent!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some bubbly?

I am a self confessed diet cola addict. Everyone I live or work with knows this. When I run low on diet cola or worse, run OUT of diet cola, I run to the store. It is a serious addiction. I do cut down from time to time but just cannot give it up. I have tried tea, coffee, water but always go back to my fizzy diet drink.

What is a girl to do??? Get professional help? Convert to a religion where caffeine is not allowed? Join the peace corps and move to a remote location? 

Well the answer is much more simple. The Soda Club lets you make your own soda at home. It is a fraction of the cost of buying diet soda and much more economical. 

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Designer purse anyone?

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Eat your Veggies!

Have a hard time eating your veggies? Aunt Julie and Uncle Lynn with Pop'rs want to change that. 

Pop'rs are fun flavors that you sprinkle over anything to help make all kinds of food more appealing to kids. As an adult who likes to mix things up when it comes to food, I think this is a great concept. Certain flavors enhance the other flavors in food. My favorite pairings? Chocolate and cinnamon, cranberry sauce and turkey, broccoli and cheese, etc. You get the picture. With Pop'rs the pairings are infinite! 

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Friday, August 08, 2008

tote addict?

I am addicted to a few things. Bath and body products. Beads. Arts and Crafts. Reading. And handbags / totes

An Island Life is sponsoring a great giveaway to win a tote from Ju-Ju-Be. Technically these started as diaper bags but they look like anything BUT a diaper bag. I certainly would use it for other things. Like carrying all my stuff I am addicted to. The patterns are as fun as the name Ju-Ju-Be. Functional and fun I am sure you will find a great use for your fav!

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Blogging for Blood Cancer


This tribute to Jack the Brave on Lipstick to Crayons left me in tears. Help unite in the fight against Leukemia. 

If you have a blog or a website, please help promote our “Blogging for Blood Cancer” Event. The first annual “Blogging for Blood Cancer” event will take place from August 11-18, 2008. This first time event will bring bloggers from across the United States together to raise awareness for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and its mission to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families. 

Personalize THIS!

I am a sucker for personalized items. My name was one of those that could NEVER be found on the pre-personalized goodies available in mass merchandisers and souviener shops. One of my favorite gifts as a child was a pack of personalized pencils that was given to me and every other child in my 4th grade class from our teacher, Mrs. Frank. I was so thrilled to have SOMETHING with my name on it. 

Even now when I see personalized items in stores I check to see if my name is available. It never is. As much as I hated that as a kid, it is ironic that as an adult I named my kids with names that were not as common as is the trend these days. Thus they suffer the same fate of not being able to find to find pre-personalized items.
Olive Kids to the rescue! Olive kids has a great variety of personalized items - from floor pillows to bookmarks.

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What can you win? All I will say is Donna Reed and June Cleaver would be proud. 

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The waiting game

We still have not moved. Closing was supposed to be last Friday. Then today. Now it is supposed to be next Monday or Tuesday. Or September. Or Christmas. Or 2010.

We are trying to rent our new home. The truck with all of our furniture in it is due back tomorrow. At this point we are only waiting 4 - 5 more days but it seems like an eternity. Can't wait until this is all over with!

Thoughts, good vibes and well wishes very welcome! 

the waiting game

We still have not moved. Closing was supposed to be last Friday. Then today. Now it is supposed to be next Monday or Tuesday. Or September. Or Christmas. Or 2010.

We are trying to rent our new home. The truck with all of our furniture in it is due back tomorrow. At this point we are only waiting 4 - 5 more days but it seems like an eternity. Can't wait until this is all over with!

Thoughts, good vibes and well wishes very welcome!

Monday, August 04, 2008


Mixology Makeup and Girls Just want to have fun are hosting a mineral makeup giveaway with a twist. For every product sold, Mixology Makeup will donate $1 to help sponsor a clean water well in Africa. Her goal is to make $3000 for this project by December 2008.

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MB's Favorite Things - Anything 80's - Beauty

Picture from
Stuck in the 70's

OK, I haven't moved yet so I will amuse myself with reminising about my younger years and avoid packing the last remains of my home.

Technically I am a 60's child - barely.... Born right before man stepped on the moon AND the '69 Woodstock Music and Art Fair. My childhood and teen memories are from the 70's and 80's. It is so great to see the 80's influencing current fashion trends but in a more subtle way. Of course I can't wear half that stuff now...Unless I wanted to intentionally embarrass my kids..

Some of my favorite BEAUTY things from the 70's/80's:
Dial-a-lash Mascara: YOU picked the length. YOU picked the volume. Go a little or go a lot! You can view an old commercial HERE on retrojunk.

Maybelline Roll-on Lipgloss. Now I cannot find a picture of these ANYWHERE on the web. A few threads about it but no pictures. I had EVERY single flavor imaginable - cherry, mint, strawberry, etc. The watery gloss was contained in a glass tube and topped with a roll on - irresistible to young teen. Also tasted sugary sweet. When you stuck it in your back pocket and it leaked all over the next time you tried to open it up. Of course that never prevented any of us from doing the same thing all over again

Another lip gloss fav was the "lipgloss in tin". The top slid off and you dipped your finger inside to scoop up a bit a gloss. Elf sells a new but vintage inspired version called "Candy Shop Lip Tins" HERE.

Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific
. Shampoo and conditioner. Yes for those of you too young to remember, this is what it was called. It was supposed to, well....., supposed to make your hair smell Terrific. The commercials were the selling point. Such a iconic reference to the 70's / 80's, info can even be found on Wikipedia.

Loves Baby Soft - Who could resist the delicate pink and white theme, baby powder scent and advertisements that were in every teen magazine published? I HAD to have this. So did every other girl. You can buy it still today. Click HERE!

Of couse I witnessed the tranistion of the ironed-out straight, hippie hair to the "Big Hair" and numerous big hair products that embodied the 80's. Gel, mousse, spray. Had to give that hair lift, volume and a crunchy texture. Take a peek HERE!

Next I may tackle the best of 70's / 80's fashion

Sunday, August 03, 2008

August - Blog the Recession Month!

When you visit my site, read through old posts. Take a minute. When you are through with my dribble, hop on over to the next blog. Click on links in my blogroll or buttons on my site to be re-directed to some informative and fun blogs in blogosphere. Everyone can do their part. 

Find out more HERE

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The saga continues

Are we moving? Hopefully so.

Closing was supposed to be yesterday but we had several repairs that had to be in place prior to reinspection and, ultimately, prior to closing.
water heater fixed - check.
minor roof repairs - check.
toilet remounted - check.
door that the kids constantly slam and hang off of fixed - check.
AC coil replaced and drainage fixed.....

Due to a the wrong part being shipped last week and reordered with a week ship time (part had to be "built"), our closing was delayed. Our AC unit was not replaced until yesterday (check) and the final inspection happened today. We are anxiously awaiting the results.

If our house does not pass inspection we will be devastated. We are SOOOO ready to move into our new home. So ready that all of our furniture is packed up and ready to go. 

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Be Cool - Stay in School!

We are in year round so we ALWAYS are back in school before the good sales and giveaways begin... This year more kids are on year round in our school district and I have noticed the trend that the sales and promotions are starting earlier too.

Mom of 2 Dancers is getting in the game early this year! Please stop by her site to register for a great backpack from Land's End. You can enter HERE

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What was once lost is now found...

Not the missing links that I recovered for my directory from an old email...

Through a template formatting change I lost the buttons on my site which were on the bottom. I needed to re-add these so simply did so manually the old fashioned way - visiting sites and grabbing code. I have now finally figured out how to add these to the side bar. It was so simple I am embarrassed that I spent so much time trying to figure it out.

Lessons learned - 1) Back up. 2) Don't make things more difficult than they are.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clean up relief is on the way

Sick of picking up crayons? Encourage your little one to pick up after them selves - Check out the crayon keeper bag up for grabs which can be personalized. Also love the aprons featured . 

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Flip out in tech style

wonder how everyone else except for you is creating videos and posting online? Me too. I found the solution. Even the most tech challenged can figure out how to use the Flip video camera. A Daycare Life is giving one to a lucky visitor. 
All you need to do is check out the new line of Flip Cameras and post what your favorite color is. You figure out how to do that, right?

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Homework creativity - recycle and reuse

Today I helped my youngest daughter with her homework. Usually it is my husband's job but today I received the honor.

The assignment? "Create flashcards using your spelling list".

As if I haven't mentioned it about 1000 times already, we are moving .....thus all of our craft supplies are now packed up. Being the creative mom that I am, we used a capri sun box to create the cards. At first she protested but then her slightly older sister and idol said "wow" and all was good. Cutting the thick cardboard was not fun at all . When I finished cutting it was obvious that the cards were not uniform and the sides were slightly uneven. Overall I think that I did a pretty good job though. My daughter used a pencil to write the words and I used the sharpie to trace her letters. (If you read my earlier post, sharpies are for mom and dad ONLY).

End result? Ta da! Pictures on one side and words on the other - granted, the pictures don't match the words like they do on normal flashcards as we were using a set list but she did not notice. The favorite card was the one that had a picture of macaroni and cheese on the back. Capri sun must be teaming up with Kraft.

end of summertime indulgence for Mom!

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Vintagesque inspiring Haiku

Subu is giving away a lovely vinage inspired necklace. I just am thrilled with the comeback of vintage inspired pieces. Whether authentic or not, the old is new.

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You are never too old to learn...

I am amazed at the things my children teach me. Everyday is a new learning experience:

- If you don't have a napkin, wiping your hands on the nearest item is acceptable. This can be the shirt I am wearing, the kitchen counter or clean clothes hanging in my closet. Ditto for blowing your nose.

- Why play with your own stuff when someone else's things seem so much more fun? I have opened many a lipstick to discover that I was not the last one to enjoy wearing it. The caveat to this lesson is that just when you think you can reclaim your own items, your child turns 12 and your things are AGAIN no longer your own. I did have to emphatically stress to my preteen that razors and toothbrushes are for INDIVIDUAL use.

- Stains that you thought could NEVER come out of clothes/fabric actually do! today I learned that melted "Silly Putty" easily comes out of sheets. I think the only way it could have been melted ON the sheets is by someone sleeping on it. The blanket was simply trashed. I did not have the energy to tackle that one. I have also learned this lesson with crayon, marker, nail polish and permanent marker. the last one was a life long lesson - Do NOT buy Sharpies again until the kids are 18. (my daughter drew "rain" on the siding of the house with a blue sharpie. After months of scrubbing it DID come out)!

- Something scary is under the bed - If you have kids this is actually true. Not for the kids but for the parents. I recently retrieved a petrified bagel from behind the dresser and a pencil box with a strange pink liquid concoction floating in it. Finding things like this are a daily occurance at my home. Strange as they are not allowed to eat or drink in their rooms.

- Empty boxes can go in the fridge - or the freezer, under the bathroom sink, etc,.. Take your pick. If it is empty, never (Alas!) recycle or discard! Nope - put it back where you found it.

- Unscrewing the bottom of a lamp, setting it on the floor and putting a blanket on top if it can cause a fire - This was during my oldest "busy", child's take-everything-apart-and-try-to-put-it-back-together phase. I won't elaborate much further than to say that in addition to my oldest I had a toddler, a newborn and a fortunately husband that is good in an emergency. *** In all fairness it was not the ONLY fire we had in the house. I also learned (the hard way), that turkey bacon cooks MUCH quicker than regular bacon. ***

Nail polish that is stuck shut can explode when opened. Thankfully this lesson was learned in the kitchen where nailpolish remover could be used on the floors and the kitchen table. Sadly it was learned AFTER I said "do not try to open that".

Please feel free to post YOUR lessons learned here :)

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