Friday, June 12, 2009

Oscar Mayer and my family

I had promised to do a video log for Oscar Mayer as part of a blog tour with Mom Blogger's Club. Well that never happened....
1) I am bad with using a regular camera. I am hopeless with a video cam. (hoping to eventually a newer idiot proof one ...)
2) I kept buying the Oscar Mayer all beef hot dogs and my hubby and kids kept eating them!

So instead of a great post with video and pictures you get to hear that my kids love them so much I cannot keep them stocked in my fridge....

Tomorrow is Miss N.'s half-birthday party - she is a holiday baby so we do the kids party in June. Tomorrow morning we have to clean and get the house ready. I wanted to make something easy tonight. I thought "this is perfect - I can finally take pictures or try and video log the hot dogs.". Well, Miss E. who currently hates anything and everything we are having for dinner said she didn't want hot dogs. I did not want to fight the daily food battle with her tonight and figured I would serve up the hot dogs on Sunday. see below for details on the food battle:

If I make mac and cheese on Monday (normally one of her favs), she will hate it and say she wants chicken nuggets. If I make chicken nuggets on Tuesday, she no longer likes them and will want hot dogs. I will offer to make a hot dog and she will change her mind and decide she wants Mac and Cheese. It is like that with EVERY dinner lately and she used to be my "good eater".

So back to the hot dogs. Didn't want to fight the good fight with Miss E. and figured she could snack tonight, I could make soup, raviolis, or something that she would request (demand). During the food battle, Miss C. decided she was going to make dinner and cooked up the hot dogs. Another lost opportunity to film, photo or something... something other than eat the hot dogs again...

Anyhoooo we ended up eating the hot dogs. Miss E. complained the entire time - the bun didn't taste right, the ketchup was watery, she hated hot dogs. FINALLY she asked if she could eat just the hot dog, but not the bun and not with ketchup. When I said yes, she started eating. By the time Miss E. STARTED eating her hot dog, Miss C., Miss N. and I had finished ours. Of course Miss E. loved it and why shouldn't she? Hot Dogs have always been one of her favorite foods - when we go out to eat she usually wants to order a Hot Dog! So long story short. Everyone, yes everyone, LOVED their hot dog (even the impossible to please Miss E.).

Oscar Mayer is and always has been one of my favorite brands . I grew up with Oscar Mayer and now my kids do too. I am really picky when I buy Hot Dogs - I only buy what I consider premium brands and Oscar Mayer is one of those that regularly makes my shopping list.

- I don't buy anything that looks like it was marinated food dye before being packaged up. If you have seen the RED hotdogs, you know what I am talking about. There is more food dye than dog.

- I don't buy hot dogs that look, (and usually are) cheap. If they look that bad before cooking, what will they look AND taste like after being grilled up. If only the cheapo hot dogs are on sale, I will spend full price for the premium brand.

- I don't buy hot dogs that I am not sure what is in there - With Oscar Mayer you know you are getting quality.

Visit Oscar Mayer and check out the videos (Alas, I am not on there!) They are fun to watch and and see what you have in common with the other Oscar Mayer lovers!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I survived!

I survived and shock of shockers - actually had a great time.

Milestone birthday - made it through without disappointment or drama. (Much unlike my LAST milestone b-day where I pouted and carried on the entire day).

It was much more enjoyable to have a good time then to be depressed about the inevitable! My only regret is that I ate WAY too much. All day I kept saying "It's my birthday!" as an excuse.

My friend Susan took me out to lunch for sushi and pot stickers. Before we headed back to work we stopped at the candy store. I was thrilled to see that they carried Sponge Candy, (although at this store it was called "Sea Foam" candy). Apparently calling it sponge candy is a Northern thing. Sponge candy is my ALL TIME favorite chocolate candy. I have not had it in years. In my excitement over my "find" I ate enough to make up for the years I was deprived of my favorite treat. After work we had end of year gymanastics competition 3 and went out to eat afterward. I just got home and am going to veg out on the couch until I get tired and go to bed. With all I ate I don't have the energy to do much of anything else.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Tonight Miss E and Miss N had their end of year gymnastics competitions. 4 hours at a gym sitting on a folding chair - fun.... My butt and back are a little sore. It was fun watching the girls - I cheered extra loud when it was their turn - it is just SO loonnnng. The program lasts 1 1/2 hours and you have to get there about 1/2 hour early. Miss E. was at 4:30 and the Miss N. was at 6:30 so tonight was a McDonald's night. Tomorrow Miss C. has her end of year competition so guess what? Back to the gym..... Not the way I planned to spend my milestone b-day.

This weekend we actually celebrate Miss N.'s b-day (more fun to celebrate at her age than at mine). Miss N.'s actual b-day is in the Winter and we celebrate with family then, but do a 1/2 b-day kids celebration in the summer. We are doing a Hannah Montana theme with manicures, pizza and make your own sundae festivities. Not sure how manicures and pizza and ice cream will work together but we will find a way.

The next weekend I head to NY to see my family, eat great Italian food and go gambling (thank god I live no where near a casino or I would be broke ALL of the time).

I am glad I got caught up on my blogging this weekend. While you are here, there are a few new giveaways posted and hopefully more coming..... Make sure you enter :)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Generation Cures and Game for Good challenge

Are you looking for a new, less time-consuming ways to support your traditional family fundraising initiatives?.

Generation Cures is a non-profit organzation that was founded by was created Children’s Hospital Boston, a global leader in pediatric research.  The goal was to find an innovative way to educate kids from 8-12 about caring and compassion.  The other primary goal is to raise money for pediatric research.  Kids represent 20 percent of the U.S. population, but only a fraction of the US national research funding is allocated to pediatric illnesses. There simply isn't enough government funding AND overall funding to find cures and better therapies for illnesses, and particularly pediatric illnesses. 

Children's wants to change this - Through Generation Cures they have created a safe online experience that offers free, educational digital content to kids and their families. The goal is to teach kids the importance of caring and the importance of making a difference in “kid terms”.  The site is designed to be fun and in lingo kids understand and think is "cool".  It also teaches kids about science and medicine (future doctor in anyone's family possibly?)

Here are summaries of the digital content on the site:

· Zebrafish: Animated webisodes tell the story of a quirky group of kids who join a band. Each child joins for personal reasons, but when one of the band members falls ill, the kids are united by a common goal.

· Caduceus: Transported to the mythical land of Alterica, children play a series of online puzzle-adventure games in their quest to find a cure for a deadly virus. Assuming the role of healers, players explore what it’s like to be both a research scientist and a doctor. At the same time, they test their skills of logic, reason and creativity.

· Kid Vids: Generation Cures gives tween viewers an inspiring glimpse into the world of real-life kids who have been successfully treated at Children’s Hospital Boston. Directed and produced by the kids, these videos give a real face to childhood diseases and the patients who overcome them.

· Family Features: Parents can track their child’s progress through the site's stories and games.  The “Parent and Email Option" provides optional email alerts with details about the site's philanthropic, scientific and medical content and suggested questions to spark a healthy family dialogue.

Generation Cures also recently launched the nation’s ever Game for Good game-a-thon. (runs through 06/14/2009).  The 8 week game-a-thon gives participants the opportunity to raise money for pediatric research by playing Caduceus. Just like securing sponsors for each mile completed in a walk-a-thon, participants in the Game for Good challenge can raise money for each Caduceus level completed (five in all).

Generation Cures also currently has a fun poster contest for kids.  Miss (As I call her) is registered and ready to have fun! 

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