Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Costume Fiasco

Every year my mother orders the girls Halloween costumes - it is something that she likes to do for them every year and they look forward to picking out their costumes.

We usually try to select our costumes fairly early because the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to find exactly what you are looking for.  I had difficulty finding a store that had both costumes my daughters selected - Miss N. selected a cookie monster costume and Miss E. selected a sock monkey costume. To avoid paying shipping at two retailers, I tried to find one that carried both costumes.  I decided to shop at Costume Super Center because they sold both costumes and both appeared to be available.  

When my mother placed the order, she was instructed that the cookie monster costume would ship immediately but that the sock monkey was back ordered and would be shipped out on the 17th.  This was more than three weeks ago.  Well, that never happened....  My mother called me today and said that she had not been notified that the other costume shipped out so I contacted the store.

At first I was told the order did ship out and it was delivered in early October.  I reminded them that the order contained two items and we were still waiting on the 2nd.  After a long wait, I was informed verbatim:
Chat rep  "Unfortunately, this item is out of stock and has been cancelled on your order."

Wow.  Thanks for the notice. 

Do I have a problem with the item being out of stock?  No.  I realize that it is close to Halloween and these things happen.  It also is just a costume.  Not receiving it is unfortunate, but looking at the larger scope of things, it is not going to negatively impact my life in a huge way.. 

What I do care about is that this was something that my daughter was so excited about so this was a huge disappointment.  I am completely irritated and upset that the company never notified us.  Had they done so I may have been able to pick out the same costume somewhere else.  The lack of follow through and lack of caring showed how non-existent the customer service was. 

This is an unfortunate trend that American consumers deal with every day - in countless industries and situations.  When I worked in retail the mantra was "the customer is always right".  yes, there were a few people that abused this - like the woman who brought back a bra she wore for a year and a pair of panty hose with a run in it.  I was flabbergasted but even these were promptly refunded.  Most customers were honorable, and overall the practice worked.  These days that practice is not existant.  it went from "The Customer is Always Right" to "The Customer Simply Does Not Matter".   It is very disheartening.

Back to Miss E. and the missing costume....  At the end of the day I went online where I typically shop - Party City.  I asked Miss E. to pick out another item.  She picked out a frilly Bat Girl costume - pink, sparkly and totally her :)   Athough I still prefer the Sock Monkey, she is happy and that is all that matters! - Review

If you have not shopped at Personal Creations before, you are in for a treat! offers personalized gifts of all kinds. For Father's day last year I purchased an Architectural Alphabet framed print in our last name like the one pictured above.  Individual pictures of buildings, hardware are taken at different angles, resembling letters. Each photograph is unique - My husband just loved the finished product and it is a wonderful conversation piece.

With the holidays coming up, consider shopping at Personal Creations.  One of their trademark items?  Personalized Ornaments!  They have the most darling ornaments - from individual ornaments reflecting the interest of the recipient or family ornaments, personalized with family members' names.  All of these are so cute!!!!

For my review I ordered the Galvanized Tub (Below).  This will be perfect for Holiday Entertaining!   I cannot wait to receive it and will post personalized pictures.

Other items that would make gifts are personalized kitchen stoneware baking pans for the cooking / baking addict, a personalized chenille robe for your mom, a personalized BBQ set for Dad and countless other items!    There are also wedding gifts and gifts for kids / tweens / teens and Holiday items.   The possibilities are endless.

If you want to give a special, unique gift, visit  Whether for the holidays, a birthday, a wedding or your next gift giving occasion, you are destined to find the perfect gift!

Disclosure:  I received a gift code for review purposes.  I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own. 


Neighborhood Toy Store - Review

Even though I love a great deal as much as the next person, I also realize it is important to support local, independent and/or small businesses.  Although I do my fair share of shopping at mass merchandisers, I also try to follow the 50/3 philosophy......Spend $50 - or more -  at 3 different independent retailers.  You can find out more via the link below.

Today I am writing to encourage you to consider shopping at your neighborhood toy store.  Small, independent toy stores often offer unique items of high quality that you cannot find in most mass merchandiser outlets.  This is a great opportunity tohelp support a local business

Here is a great chart to help you pick the right toy by age group:

To help support National Neighborhood Toy Store Day I received 2 items to review.  These are examples of the types of products available in your local neighborhood toy store!

1 - Tenzy, a fast paced game using dice, speed and a bit of luck

2-  Loopdedoo- A bracelet wrapping machine

We also had a blast playing Tenzy - I even won a couple of rounds :)  Want to find out more?  Check it out...:

Facebook: Facebook/TheWoohooFactor 

Twitter: @TheWoohooFactor

Hashtags: #toystoreday #localtoystore #shoplocal


If you are interested in supporting local businesses check out your neighborhood toy store!

Disclosure:  I received a product for review purposes.  I did not receive any form of monetary compensation for this post.

Monday, October 15, 2012

SmartMune - Review

Cold and Flu season is upon us and it is the perfect time to boost your immune system.  SmartMune is a product that is designed to boost your immune system. Here is information from the company:

SmartMune activates billions of innate immune cells that are part of the fbody’s natural defenses, without overstimulating the immune system. This unique ingredient’s patented, year-round protection is the culmination of more than $300 million in research with leading university and government institutions. SmartMune primes human immune defenses that have evolved over thousands of years.  SmartMune works with the body’s innate immune system that includes monocytes/ macrophages, neutrophils and natural killer cells that circulate throughout the body. 

Clinical studies demonstrate that SmartMune: • Strengthens the function of key immune cells • Maintains energy, vitality and mental clarity • Activates key immune cells to protect against the harmful e ffects of stress The SmartMune Di fference 

I received a sample of SmartMune for review purposes.  It is difficult to say if it is working or not but I can say that I have not caught a cold even though many people have already fallen ill this year,  I plan to continue taking throughout the fall and winter as I want to do everything I can in my power to prevent getting sick.  For me that includes frequent hand washings, making sure that our meals contain fruits and veggies as well as taking supplements.

What I like about this product is that there was a significant amount of clinical research that went into the testing and development.   The FDA does regulate supplements but the guidelines are different than from pharmaceuticals meant to treat or prevent illnesses.  You can find out more about FDA guidelines HERE.

Available from SmartMune Check out the full line of Immune System Support Products  You can also follow SmartMune on Facebook and Twitter.


Disclosure:  I received a sample and company/product literature for review purposes.

Please note that I cannot verify the effectiveness of any supplement or nutrient as I am not a medical professional and am not qualified to give medical advice.  My goal as a blogger is share information on products that I believe in (or not).  As someone who became very ill from a simple vitamin deficiency though I can attest to my belief in the effectiveness of supplements due to my personal experience.  If you are considering making any sort of changes in your diet, including supplements, you should consult with a medical professional.

National Window Coverings Safety Month

ress release!  I thought that this was important and wanted to share with my readers.

 In recognition and support of October as National Window Coverings Safety Month Good Housekeeping Custom Blinds and Shades will offer its customers free cordless upgrades between September 15th through October 31st.

The initiative is part of a nationwide campaign co-sponsored by the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). It was designed to increase consumer awareness of potential window cord hazards, as well as to encourage the use of cordless window products in homes with young children.

Good Housekeeping, which launched its comprehensive collection of custom blinds and shades earlier this year, features performance and safety-based window treatments, with an emphasis on cordless options for child safety.

“Window treatments need to be durable and safe, especially if there are young children in the house,” said Rosemary Ellis, Editor-in-Chief of Good Housekeeping. “Our custom blinds have been evaluated at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute to ensure that they meet industry standards and have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.” 

Parents and caregivers throughout the nation are urged to replace blinds, corded shades and drapes with today’s safer products. In offering its customers free cordless upgrades, Good Housekeeping Custom Blinds and Shades hopes to shed light on and prevent potential strangulation hazards that window cords can pose.

In order to avoid such incidents and ensure child safety, the Window Covering Safety Council offers the following precautions:
  • Always keep windows closed and locked when small children are in the room. If you wish to open a window for ventilation, be sure it is one out of their reach.
  • Do not place cribs or other furniture near windows. Young children are determined climbers and they are often enticed to crawl over such objects and reach for nearby items. When doing so, they run the additional risk of falling.
  • Never allow anything to dangle into a crib or bed. Babies and toddlers can easily become entangled while sleeping or playing.
  • Discourage children from playing near windows and patio doors. Establish rules concerning safe play areas and stick to them.
  • Never allow long window covering pull cords to "puddle" on the floor next to the window.
  • Never allow pull cords or continuous cord loops to hang loose and free, especially within the reach of a small child.
  • Pay attention to the bottom chains that exist on many vertical blinds. While inconspicuous, these chains pose the same risks as pull cords, particularly to those children crawling on or playing close to the floor.
  • Only install window treatments that provide the highest quality child safety devices, such as cord-free hardware systems, cord tensioners and control wands.
  • Consider installing window guards on both upstairs and downstairs windows to prevent children from tumbling out. While screens are sufficient for keeping bugs outside, they do little to hold a child's weight. Be sure that each window guard has a quick release mechanism in case an emergency exit is necessary.

The complete collection of Good Housekeeping Custom Blinds and Shades are available through several authorized online retailers including:,,,,,, and

For additional information about the Good Housekeeping Custom Blinds and Shades free cordless upgrade promotion, please visit:


Disclosure:  This information was provided to me by a PR firm.  I did not receive any form of compensation   for sharing this with my readers.

Pump It Up - Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse Giveaway (ENDED)

Pump It Up is working with Warner Home Video on the release of Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse. I remember watching Tom and Jerry as a child and now my kids love watching it too. I look forward to watching the DVD with my girls

In addition, Pump It Up will be hosting a sweepstakes on their Facebook page, beginning September 15th.   The Grand Prize is a free party for up to 26 kids at Pump It Up and Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse on Blu‑ray (over a $400 value). Twenty-nine runners up will win Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse on Blu-ray ($24.98 retail value).

 To help celebrate I have been given a DVD (standard definition) to giveaway to a lucky reader.  To enter simply post here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 
Disclosure: I received a DVD for review purposes. 

Alternavites Review

There are several kids vitamins available on the market.  What makes alternaVites Kids different?  alternaVites for kids is the only full spectrum children’s multivitamin & mineral designed to be sprinkled on the tongue. 

alternaVites for kids contains essential vitamins & minerals specially formulated for children ages 4 & up.   Unlike typical children’s vitamins, alternaVites for kids:

  • Melts in your mouth 
  • One-of-a-kind crystal powder delivery form 
  • Contains 0 grams of sugar 
  • Free of aspartame and high fructose corn syrup 
  • No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.
  • Is formulated with ingredients that do not contain most major food allergens (egg, milk, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish) 
  • Has no animal products or by-products 
  • Certified kosher pareve 
  • Comes in convenient, pre-measured daily dose packets 

alternaVites comes in kid fun flavors - Strawberry Bubblegum & Raspberry Cotton Candy Tastes. It not only melts in mouth, but can also be mixed into yogurts, puddings, smoothies, and shakes.

 We received the Raspberry Cotton Candy flavor for review.  Miss E. was excited to try this but found that she did not really like the taste (she is VERY picky).  I tried it and could note a slight vitamin aftertaste when taking it alone but it was not strong enough that it would be noticeable when sprinkled over food such as oatmeal or mixed in a drink.  I found that if I mixed alternaVites in juice she did not notice the taste and did not complain. 

For young children this is preferable to me - it is easier to get kids to take vitamins in this form.  even though my kids love the gummy vitamins, I find that most are lacking in nutrients compared to other forms of vitamins.     Look below at the nutritional chart - you can see that this is not a concern with alternaVites Kids.  Most nutrients are 100% or more!

I don't like giving pills to swallow because of the choking hazzard, my kids put up a fight with anything liquid and they do not like the chewables.  This is a great alternative.This may be a wonderful option for other parents who find the same challenges with giving vitamins to their children. 

Interested in purchasing?  Use code moms20 for 20% off of your order at the website while still available (*expiration date unsure but sponsor reserves the right to cancel at any time).   To visit Alternavites on Social Media channels, please visit:

Thank you to alternaVites and Global Influence for this review opportunity. 

Disclosure:  I received a product for review purposes.   I did not receive compensation for this post nor was I required to write a positive review.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tiny Prints Holiday Card Giveaway

Tiny Prints is your one stop shop for Holiday Cards.  I love personalized greeting cards and Tiny Prints makes it so easy.  Simply select a card you like, upload your photo(s), create, save and review your card and then, when satisfied, checkout.  Whatever your style, Tiny Prints is sure to have something to strike your fancy!  Look at the examples included in this post - this is just a minuscule sampling of what they have available on their website.

What type of card do you want to create?  Contemporary?  Modern?  Traditional?  Vintage inspired?  Cute?  Tiny Prints has you covered!   Their vast selection will ensure that your Holiday Card

 Bargain Shopper?  Check out the Special Offers page

If you are Social you can follow and interact with Tiny Prints here:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Pinterest
• Google +
• Blog

Thanks to Tiny Prints I have one gift code to give away to one lucky winner.  One winner will receive $50 off total order (does not include shipping & cannot be combined with any other promos).   To enter please simply post your favorite holiday card from Tiny Prints and fill out the rafflecopter form below.

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Disclosure:  I received a gift code as a thank you for sharing this information with my readers.  


Here Comes the Boom - Movie review

Thanks to Sony Pictures I was able to review the film "Here Comes the Boom" which is in theatres now.  I took my two girls and a friend for the review - all between 10 and 11 years of age.

"Here Comes the Boom" is about a slack high school teacher, Scott Voss (played by Kevin James) who is floating through his work days. Due to frustration with the system, he has stopped caring about being an educator and is doing the bare minimum to get by.  Scott is infatuated with Bella Flores (Salma Hayek),  the school nurse, but she is turned off by his lack of motivation and integrity and refuses to go out with him although he asks her out on dates incessantly.

When trying to pass off some duties to a fellow teacher,  Marty Streb (played by Henry Winkler), he finds himself sympathizing with him and somewhat motivated by his passion.  When this Marty's job is in jeopardy, he challenges the school board and then vows to raise money to save the teacher's job.  When trying to figure out ways to earn money, Scott comes up with the ludicrous idea to fight in the MMA to raise money.  the only problem?  He is out of shape, has wrestled but never fought and has no idea what he is doing.

Marty seeks out an adult student in his evening class to help him train.  With Marty's help, this nutty trio tackles taking on the MMA, and not always successfully.

Kevin James brings his usual "screwball guy with a good heart" vibe to Scott's character.  Scott Marty shares endless enthusiasm and a positive outlook on life that has a contagious effect on those around him.

Other noteable characters:
-  Greg Germann whom I recognized from Allie McBeat was a wonderful, cranky Principal Betcher who is well intentioned but uptight, snarky and a constant thorn in Scott's side.

- Charice, the energetic and sweet, smiling singer from the Phillipines immerses herself in the role of Malia, a student who is inspired by Scott and who in turn inspires him.

- And my favorite?  Bas Rutten who plays Niko, a former fighter who is more than somewhat clueless outside the ring but a savant within.  His experience as an actual Martial artist shines through.

Niko and Marty help Scott achieve some successes... and some failures... within the ring.  In the end what Scott wins is much more than he bargained for and much different than he had in mind.

If you are opposed to having your kids view violence, this may not be the film for you.  My Husband is a MMA fan however so my kids are used to seeing the real deal.  They thought this movie was absolutely hysterical.  Miss E told me several times how great she thought the movie was.  We were all laughing out loud throughout the film and I was sorry that my husband was unable to watch this with us.

If you are looking for a feel-good comedy this is a great movie for a few laughs.  I know the girls will want to watch this again so I have a strong feeling this will be added to our DVD collection when it comes out!  Don't wait until then though - you can catch it on the Big Screen now!

Disclosure:  I received movie ticket passes for review purposes.  I did not receive any monetary compensation nor was I required to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Secret of the Wings - Film Review

The girls and I were invited to a preview of "Secret of the Wings", coming out on DVD and BluRay on October 23rd.  Miss E. loves Tinkerbell - I tried to keep it a surprise but she immediately asked if it was "Secret of the Wings" when I told her I was taking her to a movie.  She badgered me until I caved and admitted that yes, this WAS the movie we were going to see.

The film was very cute - it opened with the normal fairy characters. ( If you want to learn more about the fairies - click here).  The premise of Secret of the Wings is that there are two lands in which Fairies exist - one where it is warm and is occupied by Spring Fairies and one where it is cold and is occupied by Winter Fairies.  The Spring Fairies cannot visit Winter Fairies and vice versa - each fairy must remain in his or her own side.  Tinkerbell questions the rule but is reminded that it is for their safety.

When it is time, the Spring Fairies help the animals cross the river to move from Spring / Summer to Winter.   The animals immediately adapt to the change in temperature whereas the fairies cannot.  While helping the animals cross, Tinkerbell feels funny and realizes that her wings light up and sparkle.  This sets her on a quest to find out why - a quest that leads her into forbidden territory

This is a cute movie for little girls - a little predictable but it is very cute.  We loved the introduction of the new characters, especially Periwinkle, who has a very special connection to Tink.  There was one library scene that I thought tended to stereotype but other than that I found the movie to be enjoyable, family oriented and amusing.  I would purchase this for my DD.

With the holidays coming up, this would make a great gift for the Tinkerbell Fan in your life.  For a fun Secret of the Wings snowball fight game that you could play with your favorite little girl click visit and for a sneak peek at the movie, feel free to view the clip below:

Disclosure - I received admission to a private press screening for review purposes only.  I did not receive any form of compensation.


Mary Kay Lash-tastic Giveaway!

I have noticed that as I get older, my lashes and brows have thinned considerably.  If I do not wear mascara my eyes tend to fade so I typically wear mascara and eyeliner when going to work or out of the house.  I like trying different cosmetic products so have numerous make up items from various brand manufacturers.

The products arrived in a beautiful box tied with a pink bow.  Inside there was pink shimmery paper and nestled inside was a wonderful assortment of Mary Kay cosmetic products for eyes.

  • Mary Kay Lash Primer 
  • Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara 
  • Mary Kay Lash Love 
  • Mary Kay Lash Love Waterproof 
  • Mascara Mary Kay Lash & Brow Building Serum  

I was excited to try the Mary Kay set.  I actually had already started using Mary Kay recently - I received Ultimate Mascara and Lash Love Mascara from my mother as a gift a couple of months ago so was familiar with both of these.  I was looking forward to trying the other products (Primer, Lash and Brow building Serum and the Waterproof Lash Love).

Each Mary Kay mascara formula is smudge, flake and clump-resistant, allowing your lashes to look and feel gorgeous all day. Whether you´re a fan of lush, long, or resilient lashes, Mary Kay has a variety for you! Each formula features the coveted "Smart Wiper" technology to deliver the exact amount of mascara for maximum plumping without pumping! Mary Kay mascaras are available in black and black/brown, and are ophthalmologist tested and suitable for sensitive eyes. 

Each of Mary Kay´s formulas work to accomplish a specific lash goal keeping you covered (and coated!) anywhere from a glamorous night on the town to an intense workout.

New Mary Kay® Lash & Brow Building Serum is a non-irritating, fast-drying serum.  It is created with Lash Response Complex - a peptides, red clover extract and an amino acid blend.  This formulation is designed to help condition lashes and brows to stay healthy and strong.
Suggested retail price is $38.00 

Mary Kay® Lash Primer, is a conditioning base that you apply on your eyes and let try before applying mascara.  The exclusive Panthenol-Pro (trademarked) Complex helps to strengthen and condition lashes.  With a regular wand brush, application is easy and when it is time to remove, it comes off easily!  Suggested retail price is $15.00

Mary Kay® Lash Love Waterproof Mascara helps you achieve water-resistant, no-smudge lashes that appear fuller, lifted and multiplied all day. Suggested retail price is $15.00

Mary Kay® Lash Love Mascara helps you fall in love your lashes, helping them to look full, sultry, lengthening and eye catching. The formula combines moisturizing benefits from the Panthenol Pro Complex and Vitamin E with the glam effect of volume and definition. In black and brown shades, Lash Love helps to define and deliver four times the volume without the worry of overdone lashes. Suggested retail price is $15.00

Mary Kay® Ultimate Mascara is designed to thicken lashes and add volume in one coat so you can easily create the look of big, bold, separated lashes.
Suggested retail price is $15.00

I have been using the Lash Love and Ultimate Mascara for a couple of months.  I have tried numerous brands of mascara and typically look for one that both lengthens AND adds thickness.  Lash Love Mascara is great because it is so gentle.  My eyes are VERY easily irritated and this was simple to apply, did not flake off or cause irritation and was just as simple to remove.

 I LOVE the Ultimate Mascara - It is absolutely fabulous.  The Lash Love was great also but because my lashes are short and sparse, the Ultimate Mascara seemed to work best for me.  With the Mary Kay Lash Primer it gives a tremendous boost of volume and length.  This should be a staple in every woman's makeup stash!

I am using the serum but have not used long enough to note any remarkable results.  I look forward to using - it is so easy to use and is very non-irritating.  Simply sweep the serum over the brow or the lash line. That's it!  The serum does the rest....

Thanks to Mary Kay and MyBlogSpark, I have a Mary Kay Lash set to giveaway to one very lucky reader.  This is a $98 value! To enter simply fill out the rafflecopter form below. Rules are included as well so make sure to read before entering... Good Luck to All

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Disclosure: The information, products and additional Mary Kay gift pack was provided by Mary Kay® through MyBlogSpark


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Del Monte Fruit Cups - Fall inspired!

I tried these a few weeks ago but am just now able to share this information with my readers.


My girls regularly pack lunches - sandwiches or soups are easy for the main meal.  Selecting snacks that I consider healthy options but are easy and convenient to pack up tends to be a little more challenging.  I try to encourage the girls to pick and pack 1 - 2 snacks that I deem nutritious.  Yogurt, cheese sticks, granola bars, fruit and veggies fall into this category.

Del Monte Foods hopes to make packing lunches easier for kids and parents with the introduction of their newest Fruit Cup® varieties using Fall’s favorite fruits:
-  Diced Pears in extra light syrup with Vanilla & Spice
-  Diced Apples & Pears in extra light syrup with Caramel.
Each cup contains a full serving of all-natural fruit, is an excellent source of vitamin C and contains no high fructose corn syrup.

I was provided with a sample of each for review purposes.  Honestly I was not sure how much I would like these.  I am not a huge fan of over-flavoring food.  Many flavored food items tend to be overpowered by the added flavorings.  I did keep an open mind however and can honestly say that I really liked these.  I thought that the added flavorings were enough to be able to tell what the flavor was but subtle enough not to overpower or ruin the fruit itself.   My middle daughter and youngest daughter loved these also.  My oldest daughter prefers the original Del Monte fruit cups, but overall these were a hit.  I would purchase again for certain.  If you

 Del Monte would like for you to play their new “Flavor Boom” Facebook game. This fun Del Monte game is played by filling up cups of fruit as you select the healthy ingredients that are found in the new Del Monte® Fruit Cup® varieties. You will see apples, pears and vanilla spice appear on your screen. The more cups you fill, the higher your score and the harder the game will get. We would love your help in spreading the news about the “Flavor Boom” Facebook game. You and your readers can visit Del Monte’s Facebook page to play the game, and redeem a $1.00 off coupon, which can be used towards a two-pack of the new Fruit Cup® varieties.

Here’s How to Play:
· Visit the Del Monte Facebook page
· Click on the “Like” button to like the page and access the “Flavor Boom” game graphic tab at the top right of the page.
· Begin the game by selecting either “Pears with Vanilla and Spice” or “Apples and Pears with Caramel”
· Fill up each cup by selecting the correct ingredients as they fly through the air.
· Again, the more cups you fill, the higher your score and the harder it gets.
· After the game is completed, click “Grab a Coupon”
· You will then be prompted to register or login with your contact information (coupon will be ready to be printed at end of registration or login)

Thanks to Del Monte I have a prize pack similar to the one I received to share with one reader.  The package will contain a free sample of each variety pack and a $1.00 off coupon which can be used for any one Del Monte® Canned Fruit, Vegetable, Tomato (8 oz. – 29 oz.) or Fruit Cup® Snacks (plastic 4-packs 3.75 oz. – 4 oz.) variety.

Enter using the rafflecopter form.  Good Luck!

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I am back!  After a couple weeks of a malware warning issue (not actual malware - just the warning), I finally got my blog back up and running smoothly.  Immediately afterward however, I had a wedding in Boston..... My friend Samantha married her girlfriend Whitney.   It was one of the best weddings I have ever attended.  Both brides were gorgeous, the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was fantastic - the food was to die for (truly).  If you get a chance to dine at The Blue Room in Cambridge, MA (Kendall Square) I highly recommend that you do so!  

It was fun to see my college roommates and great to reacquaint myself with a city I had not visited since I was 12 years old!  That was more than 30 years ago so it really was like visiting for the first time.  

Before leaving and upon returning home I had a great deal of work to catch up on.  Now it is my blog reviews that I am behind with.  I will be posting throughout the weekend so check out not only the reviews, but a couple of giveaway opportunities!  Stay tuned, and thanks for continuing to visit :)

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