Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Win a year's supply of cosmetics

Perfect for me (or my 13 year old who keeps getting into mine!)


Monday, July 28, 2008

Be Cool - Stay in School!

We are in year round so we ALWAYS are back in school before the good sales and giveaways begin... This year more kids are on year round in our school district and I have noticed the trend that the sales and promotions are starting earlier too.

Mom of 2 Dancers is getting in the game early this year! Please stop by her site to register for a great backpack from Land's End. You can enter HERE

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What was once lost is now found...

Not the missing links that I recovered for my directory from an old email...

Through a template formatting change I lost the buttons on my site which were on the bottom. I needed to re-add these so simply did so manually the old fashioned way - visiting sites and grabbing code. I have now finally figured out how to add these to the side bar. It was so simple I am embarrassed that I spent so much time trying to figure it out.

Lessons learned - 1) Back up. 2) Don't make things more difficult than they are.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Clean up relief is on the way

Sick of picking up crayons? Encourage your little one to pick up after them selves - Check out the crayon keeper bag up for grabs which can be personalized. Also love the aprons featured . 

Enter to win HERE

Bookroomreviews mega book giveaway!

Great book giveaway - one of my favorite authors books is featured in the bunch (Billie Letts) . to win 14 thoroughly readable books, enter here

Flip out in tech style

wonder how everyone else except for you is creating videos and posting online? Me too. I found the solution. Even the most tech challenged can figure out how to use the Flip video camera. A Daycare Life is giving one to a lucky visitor. 
All you need to do is check out the new line of Flip Cameras and post what your favorite color is. You figure out how to do that, right?

You can check it out and enter HERE

Monday, July 21, 2008

Homework creativity - recycle and reuse

Today I helped my youngest daughter with her homework. Usually it is my husband's job but today I received the honor.

The assignment? "Create flashcards using your spelling list".

As if I haven't mentioned it about 1000 times already, we are moving .....thus all of our craft supplies are now packed up. Being the creative mom that I am, we used a capri sun box to create the cards. At first she protested but then her slightly older sister and idol said "wow" and all was good. Cutting the thick cardboard was not fun at all . When I finished cutting it was obvious that the cards were not uniform and the sides were slightly uneven. Overall I think that I did a pretty good job though. My daughter used a pencil to write the words and I used the sharpie to trace her letters. (If you read my earlier post, sharpies are for mom and dad ONLY).

End result? Ta da! Pictures on one side and words on the other - granted, the pictures don't match the words like they do on normal flashcards as we were using a set list but she did not notice. The favorite card was the one that had a picture of macaroni and cheese on the back. Capri sun must be teaming up with Kraft.

end of summertime indulgence for Mom!

Another giveaway that appeals to my obsession for bath and body products.  katydidandkid is giving away a scrumptious bottle of organic strawberry-lemonade body scrub.  You can enter HERE

Vintagesque inspiring Haiku

Subu is giving away a lovely vinage inspired necklace. I just am thrilled with the comeback of vintage inspired pieces. Whether authentic or not, the old is new.

Stop by subu and then visit pretty betty designs. Go back to subu and write your inspirations in the form of a haiku post (5-7-5). That's it! You are entered to win. On your way out, stop by sister site suburose.com and check out the beautiful handcrafted notebooks.

You can enter the giveaway HERE. 

You are never too old to learn...

I am amazed at the things my children teach me. Everyday is a new learning experience:

- If you don't have a napkin, wiping your hands on the nearest item is acceptable. This can be the shirt I am wearing, the kitchen counter or clean clothes hanging in my closet. Ditto for blowing your nose.

- Why play with your own stuff when someone else's things seem so much more fun? I have opened many a lipstick to discover that I was not the last one to enjoy wearing it. The caveat to this lesson is that just when you think you can reclaim your own items, your child turns 12 and your things are AGAIN no longer your own. I did have to emphatically stress to my preteen that razors and toothbrushes are for INDIVIDUAL use.

- Stains that you thought could NEVER come out of clothes/fabric actually do! today I learned that melted "Silly Putty" easily comes out of sheets. I think the only way it could have been melted ON the sheets is by someone sleeping on it. The blanket was simply trashed. I did not have the energy to tackle that one. I have also learned this lesson with crayon, marker, nail polish and permanent marker. the last one was a life long lesson - Do NOT buy Sharpies again until the kids are 18. (my daughter drew "rain" on the siding of the house with a blue sharpie. After months of scrubbing it DID come out)!

- Something scary is under the bed - If you have kids this is actually true. Not for the kids but for the parents. I recently retrieved a petrified bagel from behind the dresser and a pencil box with a strange pink liquid concoction floating in it. Finding things like this are a daily occurance at my home. Strange as they are not allowed to eat or drink in their rooms.

- Empty boxes can go in the fridge - or the freezer, under the bathroom sink, etc,.. Take your pick. If it is empty, never (Alas!) recycle or discard! Nope - put it back where you found it.

- Unscrewing the bottom of a lamp, setting it on the floor and putting a blanket on top if it can cause a fire - This was during my oldest "busy", child's take-everything-apart-and-try-to-put-it-back-together phase. I won't elaborate much further than to say that in addition to my oldest I had a toddler, a newborn and a fortunately husband that is good in an emergency. *** In all fairness it was not the ONLY fire we had in the house. I also learned (the hard way), that turkey bacon cooks MUCH quicker than regular bacon. ***

Nail polish that is stuck shut can explode when opened. Thankfully this lesson was learned in the kitchen where nailpolish remover could be used on the floors and the kitchen table. Sadly it was learned AFTER I said "do not try to open that".

Please feel free to post YOUR lessons learned here :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I found the missing links!

No - not THE missing link. Rather the 30 or so links I accidentally deleted from my directory during an unfortunate editing disaster. I am in the process of updating! 

I must polish the silver today...

I love chandeliers. I adore the little crystals dangling from the metal work of traditional chandeliers, scattering light prisms throughout the room and giving a room the ambiance of old refined taste and "wealth".

Today's chandeliers however come in so many different varieties though, that mirror the tastes of the owner. Here is a sampling of just a few different styles available:
- shabby-chic - dripping with pearls and adorned with mini-lampshades in rich golds and silvers.

- Victorian - similar to shabby-chic, adorned with pearls, crystals, bows and/or lampshades, but also in victorian shades of cream, pink, blue, lavender, etc. 

- Outdoorsy - chandeliers made from branches, wood, or deer antlers. (The latter is certainly not the animal rights driven). 

- Contemporary, traditional or modern- wrought iron with warm amber glass accents - sometimes very basic - other times ornate with accents. 

- Modern - clean lines, simple, functional.

TresFun is hosting a great contest where you can win a "chandelier"vinyl decal - fun in a bedroom, study or even dining room! You can enter HERE 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So much more....

A wrestling addicted mom is giving away a $75 Gift Certificate to More Than A Photo. Visit the Website and leave her a comment letting her know what you would buy if you won the $75 gift certificate to More Than A Photo. 

Register to win HERE

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