Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tea Time

Today I entered Miss E.'s bedroom and discovered there was a tea party I was not invited to. There were 3 kiddie chairs, 1 stool and 1 doll highchair pulled up to the little table in her room. A large stuffed frog, plush pink bear, and various small stuffed animals were partaking in the festivities. The table was decorated with scrapbooking and oragami papers, colorful IKEA kids flatware and various plastic toys.

The evidence suggested that she did not act alone - Miss N.'s yellow stool, fluffy turquoise pillow and Bella Sara cards were amoungst the other items. I cleaned up most of the mess but moved the table back to it's proper spot, still covered in the paper and various forks and spoons.

I wish my dinner table looked so festive. Looks like I missed out on a great time!  I wish I had a picture but since I don't I added one of the girls having fun in the snow a couple of weeks back.

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