Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pixie Adventure #2 -- Skye's Scenic Ride

Who is Skye?

Each pixie has their own interests so girls can relate to the pixie that most closely represents them. Like me Skye loves Nature. Also like me she is a Gemini, loves folk music, haiku poetry, reading, word games and recycling and dark chocolate. Hey are we sure we are talking about Skye here and not me?

Miss N. relates to Skye because she is an outdoorsy, green girl. On the pink carpet you can see Miss N. vehemently claiming that Skye is her favorite Pixie!

You can meet ALL of the pixies HERE.

At the NYC Pop Art Pixie Premiere opening party, the girls and I were able to make our own Water Bottle and Wind Chimes from Skye's kits. Here are all the crafts available from Skye:
Wind Chimes (our favorite!)

The next morning we had breakfast followed by a quick craft and then a wild and crazy bus ride to the first secret location on our agenda. When we arrived at our mystery location we found a special treat waiting for us.... I thought that this was just ADORABLE:

Crayola Pop Art Pixies

Mine is the white and blue one on the bottom in the middle. Yes, the moms were allowed to partake in the Arts and Crafts fun too!

Crayola Pop Art Pixies

Done ooohing and aaahing over our beautious wind chimes? OK, So back to our mystery location. Now where would an outdoorsy gal like Skye go in NYC? hmmm. Any guesses? I think this is an easy one. How about Central Park? Of course! Yes, this is where our artwork was so proudly and creatively displayed!

After viewing the splendor of whimsical wind chimes waiting for us, we took a great horse and carriage ride, Pixie Style, around NYC's beloved Central Park. Check it out! Once you are finished, stay tuned for the next stop on our Pixie adventure......:

I was invited to the NYC event by Crayola. Our travel accommodations, meals, travel expenses and samples of Pop Art Pixies craft projects were provided by Crayola. I was not required to write a positive review. For more information on this blog and on my posting practices, please refer to the disclosure policy below.

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