Saturday, October 13, 2012


I am back!  After a couple weeks of a malware warning issue (not actual malware - just the warning), I finally got my blog back up and running smoothly.  Immediately afterward however, I had a wedding in Boston..... My friend Samantha married her girlfriend Whitney.   It was one of the best weddings I have ever attended.  Both brides were gorgeous, the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was fantastic - the food was to die for (truly).  If you get a chance to dine at The Blue Room in Cambridge, MA (Kendall Square) I highly recommend that you do so!  

It was fun to see my college roommates and great to reacquaint myself with a city I had not visited since I was 12 years old!  That was more than 30 years ago so it really was like visiting for the first time.  

Before leaving and upon returning home I had a great deal of work to catch up on.  Now it is my blog reviews that I am behind with.  I will be posting throughout the weekend so check out not only the reviews, but a couple of giveaway opportunities!  Stay tuned, and thanks for continuing to visit :)

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