Friday, November 30, 2012

Awesome Gift Idea! Save food and save money....

 I am really excited to be trying a new product.  I have just received it and I am SO looking forward to using this.   I think that this gadget is so innovative and useful that I am writing about it before I can provide a full review.

If you are like me you try to eat healthy, serving your family, and especially your children, a diet that consists of less processed foods and more fresh fruits and veggies.  I avoid multiple trips to the grocery store - I simply do not have the time.  I work full time (sometimes 60 - 70 hours per week) and cannot be going to the grocery store every 2 - 3 days.  I try to make the food shopping trip every 1 - 2 weeks so tend to buy a good variety of foods in large quantities.  This is great the first few days but ultimately over the course of a year I end up throwing out hundreds of dollars of food that has spoiled before we can eat it.

The Ozonator is a small appliance that you place in your refrigerator.  It is compact, runs off batteries and can save you hundreds of dollars by preventing food from spoiling prematurely.  I HATE wasting anything but especially food as it is so expensive.

The Ozonator, known as the Green Refrigerator Machine™, is THE eco-friendly, time and money savings refrigerator solution for the 21st Century. Over $1000 a year in grocery savings Eliminates all odors in the refrigerator, i.e.: fish, garlic, onions, etc. Dramatically reduces potential for spreading germs Neutralizes the harmful molds and bacteria promoting a clean environment Keeps Food Fresher, Longer by delaying mold and decay of foods you buy – including fruits and vegetables – helping them to retain their freshness and flavor longer.

This is an incredible gift for someone on your holiday list or better yet, buy one for yourself too!  For $40 you could be saving hundreds in food costs.   By extending the life of your perishable foods you can watch the money that you save expand!  Even if I did not have the chance to review this, I would be seriously considering buying because I consider this an investment.

Look at how small it is.!

Fits right in the fridge!

I have not had it long enough to completely vouch for the results so I plan to monitor this and then post about it, sharing my experience with my readers over the course of a few weeks.

Stay tuned for more information!

Disclosure:  I received a product for review purposes and the opportunity to participate in an Affiliate program

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