Sunday, June 22, 2014

Scrapbooking and Papercrafting Resource List

My favorite places for Scrapbook/Papercrafting supplies are vast and numerous.

Michael's and AC Moore  are"standby" local craft stores that are I frequent what I consider my my ever faithful standby location. 

PROS:  Both have great sales regulary, a vast selection of papers, stamps, punches, markers, glitter, glues, embellishments, storage solutions and more!  Both also have apps available to download to your phone (with a compatatile system).  Now I am never without a coupon!  Both also have rewards programs. 

CONS:  Although the variety is great and there are excellent prices at both, you will not find speciality lines at these stores. 

Archiver's is a local chain speciality store.   

PROS:  What I love is that they have a really extensive collection of papercrafting items.  They also have interesting classes and 2 fun, functional and inspiring work areas.   If you need to buy items as you go, the store will keep a running tab for you! 

CONS:  Warning - 1) Speciality stores can be pricier than mass retailers and 2 ) may not be as flexible as larger retailers  if you don't have your coupon with you.

On my last trip to Archivers I addicentally left my coupon at home once and the coupon would not come up on my phone.  The sales girl would not give me any sort of discount so I left my items at the store, on the counter, unpurchased and went home irritated.  When I arrived home I found the same items online and then purchased the same items from a different retailer - at a discount.  Sadly Archivers lost a sale over not giving a 10% discount.


 I also really love to find buys online or hunt for deals in unxpected places.  A few successes

Discount Retailers - I have had successes digging for items at Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, Marshall's, and even Walmart.

PROS:  Great prices

CONS:  You have to dig.  Do not go in the store with something in mind, because chances are you will not find it.  If you keep an open mind, you can score some great deals!

Yard Sales - Many Scrapbookers will decide that they need more space in their homes or simply decide to discontinue papercrafting/scrapbooing.  Most are looking to simply offload materials. 

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