Sunday, July 20, 2008

I must polish the silver today...

I love chandeliers. I adore the little crystals dangling from the metal work of traditional chandeliers, scattering light prisms throughout the room and giving a room the ambiance of old refined taste and "wealth".

Today's chandeliers however come in so many different varieties though, that mirror the tastes of the owner. Here is a sampling of just a few different styles available:
- shabby-chic - dripping with pearls and adorned with mini-lampshades in rich golds and silvers.

- Victorian - similar to shabby-chic, adorned with pearls, crystals, bows and/or lampshades, but also in victorian shades of cream, pink, blue, lavender, etc. 

- Outdoorsy - chandeliers made from branches, wood, or deer antlers. (The latter is certainly not the animal rights driven). 

- Contemporary, traditional or modern- wrought iron with warm amber glass accents - sometimes very basic - other times ornate with accents. 

- Modern - clean lines, simple, functional.

TresFun is hosting a great contest where you can win a "chandelier"vinyl decal - fun in a bedroom, study or even dining room! You can enter HERE 

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