Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I love Fridays

Every Friday I am relieved the week is over with and that I get to spend the weekend with my family.  What I love most is I get to look forward to a little Friday night humor.  Typically I watch dramas - "Lost" and "House" are my 2 favorite TV shows - "Lost" obsessively so.   Now while there are humorous moments in both shows, neither would be considered strictly a comedy.  Most of my comedy viewing is limited to re-runs of "Everybody Loves Raymond" or "Will and Grace".  Not on Friday's though.... Friday nights are reserved for "Psych" and "The Soup".  No matter how crappy my week is I look forward to Friday nights.

"Psych" is light and corny but Dule Hill (Gus) and James Roday (Sean) crack me up with their predictable antics.  Sean is childish, immature, annoying but you cannot help but love him.  Gus is stuffy, stoic and neurotic - Best friends since childhood, they strangely compliment one another.  One wonders in real life if they actually WOULD be friends.  My favorite though is Timothy Omundson who plays Detective Lassister.  Lassiter plays a police officer with little personality and little tolerance from Sean.  He knows that Sean is not a real psychic but cannot figure out how he (sean) is able to solve so many cases.  Also add Sean's Dad, "the chief" and  Juliet and you have quite a crew.  The wacky, goofy humor is a great end to the week.

Normally I don't like when people make fun of others.  I really don't.  But for some reason I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "The Soup".  Appearing on "The Soup" is the fear and honor of every celebrity, reality star, interviewer, interviewee, movie star, B-lister, and regular person who happens to be on TV that week.  Embarrassing moments are re-broadcast with either a commentary, commentary and skit, or replayed again and again and again and opportune moments during the 1/2 hour free for all.  Host Joel McHale, Interns, staff and guests keep us laughing, crying, agreeing and sympathizing with their stinging insults, accurate metaphors and witty reenactments.   It is funny even when you have not seen the clip being featured in advance, hysterical when you have.  My only disappointment?  Last Season's clip from ANTM of "Model as if you are in pain" was not featured.  I was so looking forward to that all week when it originally aired.  Of course Joel only has 1/2 an hour and so much to choose from so I will forgive.  

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