Monday, March 15, 2010

The case of the missing hamster

Where is Nancy Drew when you need her?

Tonight one of Miss N.'s dwarf hamsters "disappeared". It was pretty easy to figure out the culprit. Miss E. will not stay out of Miss N.'s room because of her obsession with the hamsters - Speedy and Peanut. Miss N. is constantly begging her to stay out. We have locked doors, locked the cages, etc, but she keeps finding a way in there.

She is otherwise a good kid but just loves those darn hamsters - and as much as I have not taken to the other pets we have had at one time or another (guinea pigs, gerbils, frogs, etc), I do think these hamsters are the cutest.

Miss N. was distraught because instead of two hamsters in the cage there was only one. Miss E. insisted she put the hamster back and was just as upset as Miss. N. After an hour of tears and an hour of looking - pulling rugs up, couches back, flashlights under tables, dressers, etc,. we finally gave up.

I suggested that they look in the sun room as a last resort as they were cleaning it earlier. Miss E's eyes sparked up and I knew we were on to something. Sure enough, there was Peanut - a little cold but in the box Miss E. left him in. Both girls were thrilled and I was free to make dinner.

Another mystery solved.

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