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Home Organization and CSN - (10/09/10)

Even though my closet is HUGE, it was very cluttered and in dire need of some organizational assistance. See the "BEFORE" picture posted to the left.  The picture shows about 1/3 of the length.  See?  clutter and disorganization.... 

Through my status as a CSN preferred blogger, I was able to purchase items of my choice to review.   CSN offers a wide variety of home storage solutions!  I decided to splurge on items for my closet and fell in love with the "Honey Can Do" product line.  The CSN gift certificate covered have of the purchase price (I paid the remainder).   Most of the items were on sale and because I spent over $70,  I was able to get free shipping under a current promotion.  I am so thrilled! 

The "Honey Can Do" products are both practical, durable, and affordable.  The items I ended up purchasing were as follows:

Honey Can Do Eight Shelf Organizer and Two Drawers in White- This was used to store my PJs.  I do not have enough room in my dresser so I kept my pajamas in my closet folded up in two piles.  They are now sorted, organized and within reach.  This unit is also available without the drawers (Honey Can Do Eight Shelf Hanging Organizer in White ).  The second unit was used to store my husbands work shirts.

Honey Can Do Two Tier Expandable Shoe Rack in White - This item was the one that made the biggest difference.  I was able to store all of my shoes so that they were both visible and easily accessible.  The unit provided a highly efficient use of space.  Another huge plus was the easy assembly - it took less than 10 minutes for both items. 

I used two racks which were stacked.  Gone were the stacks of shoe boxes!  I have so many shoes (who knew?) that I did need to use full width.  If you need to store as many shoes as I did (about 24 pairs, I recommend using 3 racks as the width will be less and there will be more support in the middle.  For 20 normal pairs of shoes or up to 24 pairs of lightweight shoes, 2 racks should be fine.

Honey Can Do Ten Shelf Hanging Shoe Organizer in White - Meant for shoe storage but this was actually used to organize my collection of scarves, which were previously hiding in a basket.  I can now accessorize my scarves with outfits much more effectively!

Honey Can Do 24 Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer in White - I ended up not needing this so Miss E. excitedly grabbed this and claimed it as her own.  She can use it for shoes, small stuffed animals (Beanie Babies, Webkinz, or YooHoos),  art supplies, Nintendo games, etc.  She can even use it for what it is intended for - shoes!

Within 3 hours I had my closet fully organized.  I found shoes that I forgot I owned, had my PJs folded and separated, and cleared out space for more storage .  I even freed up some space on my husbands side of the closet.  Only one box is visible in the picture, but I have about 10 cardboard boxes holding gifts on the upper shelf.  I still plan to buy some storage containers to switch out.  I will also try and figure out what to store the bags of handbags/purses, but I am otherwise done!  For $100 I was able to give my closet a total face-lift.  

The picture quality is not great but you can see the results below


CSN stores provided me with a gift certificate to purchase items for review purposes. Half of the purchase was covered with this gift certificate. I was not required to write a positive review. For more information on this blog and on my posting practices, please refer to the disclosure policy below.

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